The fjord village of Vik along the Sognefjord

7 reasons to visit Vik in Sogn

Vik i Sogn is a small town along the Sognefjord abounding with the dramatic nature of the fjords, charming locals, and a history rich in tradition. If you wish to discover more of Vestlandet, the fjords, and Norwegian fjord culture, Vik is an ideal place to visit.

Here are 7 reasons to put Vik i Sogn on your travel itinerary.

A Picture-Perfect Town Nestled Between Mountain and Fjord

If you wish to experience the atmosphere and nature of the Norwegian fjords, Vik is well worth a visit. This little town consists of quiet walking paths, small museums, and local shops, surrounded by deep fjords and high mountain peaks. Colorful small wooden houses and the dramatic environment offer a series of delights for both the eye and the camera.

Wooden boat houses in Vik in Sogn
Photo: Vegard Aasen | Veri Media

A Little Town with a Big Food Scene

Despite its modest size, Vik has a strong culinary culture. This little town is known for producing its very own Gamalost (a traditional cheese), and is also among the country’s leading producers of raspberries. Vik also has its own local ice cream manufacturer. These and other elements of Vik’s rich culinary culture are celebrated in the Gamalost Festival and the Raspberry Festival.

Gamalost: A Norwegian Original

And speaking of culinary culture, Vik is the only place in Norway where traditional Gamalost cheese is still made according to traditional methods rooted all the way back to the Viking Ages. Available for purchase at local cafes and shops, the cheese is made from fermented milk, with low fat and salt content, and is rich in protein and flavor.

The traditional Gamalost from Vik with accessories
Photo: Falkeblikk | Visit Sognefjord

Hopperstad Stave Church

The Hopperstad Stave Church is also a highlight of any visit to Vik. Dating back to 1130, the Stave Church is considered one of the oldest stave churches in the country. Today it is one of only 28 remaining stave churches in Norway. Its unique design, location, and construction make it a must-see. The church has been well preserved through historical conservation techniques, and is perhaps best enjoyed with a guided tour.

Hopperstad stave church in Vik in Sogn surrounded by an old graveyard

The Statue of Fridtjov

A 10-minute drive from the center of Vik, you will find the Statue of Fridtjov in Vangsnes. The 12-meter high statue is located on an overlook surrounded by fjords, mountains, and farms. Erected in 1913, the statue was a gift from Kaiser Wilhelm, who was fond of the region. Its spectacular location and history make the little detour well worth it.

The statue of Fridtjov at Vangsnes along the Sognefjord
Photo: Vegard Aasen | Veri Media

Hove Church: A Piece of History Carved in Stone

Hove Church is one of the oldest stone churches in Norway. Built in 1170, at a time when churches were traditionally built from wood, a stone church was a significant sign of status. The church is one of the oldest stone constructions not only in Sorg but in Norway as a whole.

Hove stone church in the town of Vik in Sogn

Experience the Sognefjord

Vik sits on the beautiful southern side of the Sognefjord. The longest and deepest in Norway, Sognefjord cuts through the mountains, and on days of perfect sun you can enjoy the reflection of the mountains in the fjord.

Vik i Sogn is perfect for a day trip, such as by boat from Bergen. From the boat you can enjoy the scenic fjords from the open deck or from inside the comfortable cabin, with large panoramic windows offering breathtaking views.

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