The old water power station at Flørli in the Lysefjord

4 Tips To Tackle The Flørli 4444 Stairs

Climbing stairs doesn’t sound like fun when you’re at home but in the tiny southern Norway community of Flørli, it’s an exhilarating challenge. That’s because Flørli is home to 4444 wooden stairs, the longest wooden staircase in the world.

Every April to September, thousands of hikers trek to the top. If you’re among the ones who have this hike on your list, remember these 4 tips as you tackle the legendary steps.

Pace Yourself

The old adage that “a journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step” feels very apt for those climbing Flørli’s 4444 stairs. Take your time, pace yourself, and expect some vertigo in the steepest sections. 

There are small benches, lookout points, and a few picnic tables along the way, plus markers for every 500 steps.

woman walking up the 4444 steps up Flørli stairway
Photo: Ina-Cristine Helljesen

Plan For One Way Traffic

Flørli’s 4444 narrow steps don’t exactly welcome two-way traffic. Thankfully, the hikes back to the village are delightful. 

The Store Runden path takes about four hours, while the Rallarstien path (named for the Rallar, working class men who built the pipeline) is a bit shorter at 3 hours. No matter which you choose, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful views, varied terrain, and gentle slopes.

Hikers on their way up the 4444 stairs at Flørli
Photo: Flørli 4444

Pack For The Occasion

Hikers should carry a rain jacket, layered clothing, sun protection, ample water, snacks, and perhaps a picnic lunch. They’ll also appreciate having hiking poles for the trip back.

At the top of the 4444 steps is Lake Ternevatnet. Many hikers refill their water bottles with its crystal-clear water. Others bring along their bathing suits and wade in for a refreshing swim. 

Check with local residents for the most up-to-date information about drinking and swimming suitability.

Hiker on top of the 4444 stairs at Flørli
Photo: Flørli 4444

Plan Your Schedule

Hiking the 4444 steps takes at least 2.5 hours. Add in a break at the top, plus the 2 to four 3 to get back, and you’ve got, at minimum, a 4-6 hour outing. If you’re day tripping, give yourself extra time to get back to the ferry.

Thankfully, if you finish your adventures early, there’s a lot to see and do in tiny Flørli, including exploring the small power plant museum, the community cafe, and even a large hot tub. After an adventure like the 4444 steps, you’ve earned some relaxation!