Man on a zipline with a sun on background

Mosjøen Via Ferrata and Zipline

Enjoy a fun day climbing in the Mosjøen Via Ferrata ending with a thrilling zip line tour

This tour allows you to spend a day rope climbing up a mountainside and rewards you with an exhilarating 700 metre (2,296 feet) long zipline across the river and to the gardens of Fru Haugans Hotel.

Experience the thrill of mountain climbing without having prior experience. This easy-to-moderately difficult route takes climbers up a sherpa path and to a viewpoint showcasing the town of Mosjøen in panorama before reaching the summit.

The trail you’ll follow is called a via ferrata, meaning “iron path.” This is a protected climbing route that uses cables fixed to the rock. Climbers secure themselves with these cables using a harness, which protects them from falls as they ascend higher and higher up the mountain wall. This fun-filled day ends with an adrenaline rush you won’t soon forget.


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Mosjøen Zipline

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