fjord cruise on the Sognefjord

Guided Fjord and Glacier Tour including Sognefjord Cruise

Experience Norway's majestic fjords, a stave church and breathtaking glacier on a seamless round-trip cruise from Bergen

Embark on a memorable daytrip departing from Bergen, where each turn unveils a spectacle like no other! This excursion is a harmonious blend of tranquil fjord cruises, awe-inspiring scenic vistas, and enriching cultural experiences.

Your journey kicks off aboard a comfortable bus leaving Bergen behind. As you traverse the scenic Vikafjell passage, marvel at landscapes where snow in summer is a common sight.

A special pause at the “Storesvingen” viewpoint allows for capturing the picturesque beauty of Vik Village against the backdrop of the vast Sognefjord – Norway’s most extensive and deepest fjord.

In Vik, we journey back in time at the Hopperstad Stave Church, an architectural marvel dating back to 1130 and standing as one of the oldest stave churches in Norway. A 30-minute visit here includes a guided tour in English and Norwegian, covered by your ticket.

We then embark from Vik to Fjærland, navigating the tranquil waters of the Sognefjord into Fjærlandsfjord. The 2-hour cruise is a perfect time to unwind at the onboard café while soaking in the mesmerizing views from the deck.

Upon reaching Fjærland, a village historically accessible solely by boat, explore at your leisure or partake in our guided tour to the glacier and the intriguing Norwegian Glacier Museum. The museum offers a family-friendly exploration into the world of glaciers and climate science. Following this, we proceed to the stunning Bøyabreen glacier, a fragment of the vast Jostedalsbreen glacier, providing an excellent opportunity for unforgettable photographs.

Completing the loop, the journey back to Bergen includes a captivating Sognefjord Cruise from Balestrand, ensuring your return is just as remarkable as your departure. This comprehensive experience guarantees lasting memories of Norway’s natural beauty and historical richness.


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