woman padling a kayak by the edge of a glacier

Folgefonna Glacier Kayak Trip

Paddle in the turquoise waters of the glacial lake in Folgefonna National Park

See the 5,000-years old glacier from up close. This 6-hours Folgefonna Glacier Kayak tour is ideal for up to 8 people.

Your adventure begins in about a 40-minutes drive from Rosendal. Once you get familiar with the safety rules and equipment, you’re ready to jump into your kayak. From now on, it’s only you and the magical Norwegian landscape. 

As you paddle towards Møsevass Glacier, there are high chances to encounter icebergs. But even if you don’t, nature’s reflections on the water are equally captivating. You’ll then have lunch at a beach near the glacier. You should inform in advance whether you’re bringing your own meal. 

The Folgefonna Glacier Kayak tour ends after you kayak back to the starting point.

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