Three kayaks padling on the Hardangerfjord

Folgefonna Fjord Kayak Trip

Starting in Jondal, go on a paddle with the Hardangerfjord as a backdrop

The Hardangerfjord, and Folgefonna, Norway’s 3rd largest glacier, meet in Jondal composing a diverse and outstanding scenery. Explore both of them in a one-day trip with the Folgefonna Fjord Kayak tour.

This 4-hours fjord kayak tour in the world’s third-longest fjord, is the ultimate experience in the Hardanger region. The trip starts in Jondal village. You can get here from Bergen by car and ferry or the daily bus in the summer. 

After a short introduction to the basic techniques of paddling, controlling the kayak and dealing with a turnover you’re ready to set off. The kayak tour starts at Juklafjord and heads towards Jonaneset covering a 5-kilometers ( 3 mi) distance. 

Even though the route may change depending on the weather, at all times you’ll be paddling with the Hardangerfjord as a backdrop.

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Hardangerfjord Cruise

Cruise on Hardangerfjord, explore an array of small villages and pay a visit to picturesque Eidfjord