A group of hikers climbing on Folgefonna glacier

Blue Ice Hike at Folgefonna Glacier

Guided glacier hike at Folgefonna

Go hiking on Folgefonna Glacier – the southernmost glacier in Norway. A glacial adventure awaits with deep crevasses, beautiful blue ice and stunning views of the North Sea and the Rosendal Alpes.

Safety is key when hiking on ice. You and your fellow hikers will be roped together with an experienced guide on the 5-6 hour-long hike to explore the Juklavass Glacier, a branch of the imposing Folgefonna Glacier.

The first leg of the hike takes you from Fonna Ski Resort to a vantage point next to the glacier arm. From here, you can reach the front where the glacier calves – or the summit with stunning views and areas with blue ice crevasses.

The route will be adapted to the participants wishes and conditions. Note that several parts of the trip have a steep ascent, meaning you need to be in good physical shape.

Glacier hiking is a powerful nature experience, and no two trips are alike with the glacier changing throughout the season.
Early in the season you can expect a lot of snow, while late in the season the ice is more exposed, with beautiful blue ice.

The guides will share information about the nature and history of the area along the way.

Join us for a full day on the ice!

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