Man is climbing the glacier with help of ice axe

Blue Ice Hike And Top-Rope Ice Climbing

A more challenging glacier hike including top-rope ice climbing at Nigardsbreen

For those looking for a challenging hiking experience, this blue ice hike and top-rope ice climbing tour is a great choice. Explore the Nigardsbreen Glacier with a small group and enjoy a unique hike.

This tour on the blue ice of Nigardsbreen is a challenging glacier hiking experience. Hikers must wear clothing covering their entire body (no shorts or skirts without leggings) and bring gloves, warm layers for wind and rain, sunglasses and hiking boots.

For groups of up to six people, the expert-guided tour allows you to explore the best parts of the glacier. The tour also includes climbing a steep vertical ice wall with ice picks while secured by a top rope and rappelling into and climbing out of crevasses. Hikers can expect the tour to last 6.5 hours, with four hours spent on the glacier.


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