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Welcome to Nordfjord

Fjord, mountain or glacier — it’s all natural

Nature takes center stage in Nordfjord, where vacations of a lifetime play out against a breathtaking backdrop of spectacular scenery, captivating cultural heritage and exciting, one-of-a-kind adventures.

Family friendly glacier tours on Nigardsbreen

Group of people climbing the glacier

Short Blue Ice Hike

Get roped together and experience Nigardsbreen Glacier on a guided hike
From NOK 795
Family with kids on the glacier

Family Friendly Blue Ice Hike

This Nigardsbreen glacier hike is perfect for parents and sporty kids
From NOK 795
Group of people sitting on the rock and looking at the glacier

Introductory Blue Ice Hike

Get a taste of what glacier hiking is like on a guided tour at Nigardsbreen
From NOK 685

More advanced glacier tours on Nigardsbreen

Man is climbing the glacier with help of ice axe

Blue Ice Hike And Top-Rope Ice Climbing

A more challenging glacier hike including top-rope ice climbing at Nigardsbreen
From NOK 1310
Group of people is walking on the glacier

Early Bird Blue Ice Hike

Take the first boat across Nigardsbreen Lake and experience the glacier in the early morning
From NOK 1450
Smiling man climbing the glacier

Long Blue Ice Hike

Get further up on Nigardsbreen on this guided glacier hike
From NOK 910

Nature’s Diversity, Your Adventure

The Nordfjord region has a dazzling mix of majestic mountains, deep fjords, and verdant valleys.

From glacier adventures and hikes and even surfing, you’re spoiled with choices in the great outdoors of Nordfjord. And whether it’s touring medieval monastery ruins, boarding a hand-hewn Viking longship replica or sampling farm-to-table local fare, you’ll have ample opportunity to engage with Fjord Norway’s distinctive heritage and lifestyles en route.

Read more about Nordfjord

This enchanting region is named for the stunning, 66-mile fjord — sixth-longest in Norway —that stretches inland from the sea to the charming village of Loen, home to some of the country’s oldest farmsteads. 

The Nordfjord’s scenic shores, strung with charming fishing hamlets founded in Viking times, are also lined with natural wonders like soaring peaks, cascading waterfalls and glistening glaciers. We have icy blue Jostedalsbreen, in fact, to thank for the Nordfjord itself. Europe’s largest glacier not only carved this must-see landscape eons ago; its runoff still feeds the fjord’s waters today. Glimpse a glacier for yourself with a guided tour of Nigardsbreen, one of its more accessible branches.

Nordfjord’s also home to its own breed of horses, the Norwegian Fjord Horse. Small but sturdy and smart, this longtime staple of local mountain farms is now a surefooted, safe way to explore breathtaking fjord and mountain trails. At the coast, Nordfjord draws surfers to seaside spots like Hoddevik and Ervik by the Stad peninsula, where they hang 10 all year in crystal-clear waters — and the shadow of sky-piercing, 1,000-ft peaks.

Vacations really do hit new heights in Nordfjord, home to marvels like Hornelen, Europe’s highest sea cliff, at 2,822 feet. Then there’s Mount Hoven, with a pick of paths for hikers of all abilities. The Loen Skylift soars skyward to the summit on a 5-minute trip. Atop Hoven, more than 3,300 feet high, hikers and riders alike soak in the unforgettable views. And over at Stryn, skiers ply the mountainside pistes — even in June!

The weather in Nordfjord

The area’s geographical diversity, from coast to mountain, leads to varied weather, from sunny days along the fjord to sudden weather shifts in the highlands.

How to travel to Nordfjord

By air

To travel to Nordfjord by air, one can first fly to the nearest major airport, such as Ålesund Airport, or Førde Airport. From there, you can rent a car or use local transportation to reach Nordfjord, which is about a two to three-hour drive away. The flight offers a fast and comfortable way to approach the region, especially for those coming from longer distances.

By road

In addition to flying and train, car travel is a popular way to reach Nordfjord, either by rental car or own car. Bus connections are also available from major cities like Bergen and Trondheim. For the adventurous, hiking and cycling tours along the Norwegian national tourist routes offer a unique way to reach and explore the Nordfjord region.

By train

Although there is no direct train connection to Nordfjord, one can take a train to nearby cities such as Voss or Åndalsnes. From these stations, you can continue by bus or rent a car to reach Nordfjord. This route offers a chance to experience Norway along the way, especially if one takes the Raumabanen from Åndalsnes to Dombås.