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Join a 4-hour Sami culture tour in Arctic Tromsø and experience a 30-minute reindeer sledding, a traditional Sami meal and an authentic cultural show. Plus, you’ll get to feed a herd of 300 reindeer.

Get to know the Sami culture and spend one day in company with the indigenous people of northern Europe. Your adventure begins once you reach a camp of 300 reindeer and get familiar with your four-legged friends. You’re welcome to feed them from your hands. 

After a 30-minute sledding in Tromsø, you’ll return back to the camp to warm up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. A filling authentic Sami meal will be served in a traditional Sami hut. 

After lunch, you’ll be guided to a lavvu tent, where you’ll watch a traditional joik performance while listening to stories about Sami life.


Important on this trip


Hot drinks (tea, coffee and hot chocolate), cookies and reindeer soup (Bidos) are included. A vegetarian alternative is also available.

Meeting Point

The pick-up and drop off place is next to Radisson Blu Hotel in Tromsø city centre.


The bus ride between Tromsø and the Sami Camp is approximately 25 minutes.