Three friends eating ice cream in Kristiansand

Why Southern Norway is a summer holiday favorite

Thanks to its perfect mix of white sandy beach atmosphere, warm temperatures and charming small towns Southern Norway is a popular summer holiday destination. There is a reason why the area is nicknamed “the Norwegian Riviera”.

The climate in Southern Norway is pretty mild year round. Out of all of Norway, Sørlandet has the most summer days of the year, making it ideal for a summer getaway. When it comes to visiting Southern Norway, there’s certainly not a lack of things to check off your To-Do-list.

Lighthouses and pearly whites

Lindesnes lighthouse at the tip of Norway

Old lighthouses, like Lindesnes Lighthouse (in Norwegian: Lindesnes Fyr) at Norway’s southernmost tip, are a signature attraction. Also famous are the little white houses that dot the quaint coastal towns, villages and outposts, which are known as the “white string of pearls.” Stroll through the narrow streets between white wooden houses, explore local shops and enjoy an ice cream with sea view.

A beachy paradise

Wooden boat moored at Bragdøya in Kristiansand
Photo: Adam Read | Visit Sørlandet

The glittering sea, the smooth warm rocks and the white sandy beaches make Southern Norway a lazy sunbather’s paradise. 

Beaches like Storesand located in Fevik close to the village of Grimstad or the 3,5-km-long (2 mi.) sandy beach at Hamresanden Beach outside Kristiansand are just 2 out of many gorgeous beaches that make up the beautiful Southern Norway coastline.

Water sport adventures

On the theme of water sports, there is plenty of kayaking, paddling boarding and even white water rafting to be done in Southern Norway. Parks like Troll Aktiv in Setesdal offer a fun splash guarantee.

Traces from Ice Age

Potholes at Brufjellet in Flekkefjord
Photo: Visit Sørlandet

If you want to explore natural wonders the potholes in Brufjell are a good option. These horizontal potholes were created about 20,000 years ago during the Ice Age.

World class dining at Under

World class seafood restaurant Under at Lindesnes
Photo: Under

Finally, if you’re a food enthusiast looking for a dining experience like no other, visit Under, a gourmet restaurant located 5 m (16 ft.) below the ocean surface. There, you’ll be served an 18 course meal in an unforgettable setting. 

Fun fact: the area is known as “the smiling south”

River rafting in Setesdalen

white water rafting in Evje

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