Sunset peaking over a mountain with glowing city lights in Bergen

Great places to watch the sunset in Bergen

We know what you’re thinking, isn’t Bergen known to be the rainiest city in Norway? While that might be true it’s also a great city to behold the most magical time of the day – that sunset moment. The tall mountains and the close proximity to the sea gives Bergen a vast variety of places where you enjoy the end of the day.

Nordnes park

Sunset at Nordnes park

On the far tip of Nordnes peninsula, there is a quiet and secluded park area with unimpeded views of Byfjorden. The park is within walking distance from the city  centre, and is perfect for watching sunsets with friends and family. Bring a hammock, lean back and wait for the moment when the sun dips below the horizon, igniting the sky in bright sunset colors.


Sunset at Solheimsviken harbor

Solheimsviken is another beautiful sunset spot. On the walkway around the harbor area you can behold stunning sunsets in an urban marine setting. The whistling wind in the sailboat rigs and the sounds from the harbor create a special ambience. 

The warm colors of the sun reflect beautifully in the glass facades of the modern buildings along the fjord. Before the sun sets, it stencils out the arch of the Puddefjord Bridge that stretches across the bay.

The top of Bergenhus Fortress

The highest point on Bergenhus Fortress

High above the rooftops of the wooden houses in Skuteviken, is a place many locals often forget that exists. The spot is located at the highest point of Bergenhus Fortress, at the very top of Sverresborg. Standing on this former strategic lookout, you can behold panoramic views of the sunset and the areas of Sandviken and Skuteviken.


Skuteviken pier in Bergen

For a great panoramic ocean sunset, Skuteviken is your go-to-place. This pier is believed to be among the oldest in Bergen, and is definitely a great place to watch the sun go downSkuteviken boasts colorful boathouses and charming wooden houses, enhancing your already beautiful view.

Skansedammen pond

Sunset at Skansedammen pond in Sandviken Bergen

Once a water reservoir for the Fire Brigade in the event of city fires, Skansedammen is now a charming pond and recreational area on the mountainside of Fløyen. It’s located only a short walk up the hill from the lower funicular station, and the views are worth the walk. 

From Skansedammen you look out over Bryggen’s rooftops and the heart of downtown. On some evenings, the sunset is also beautifully reflected on the water surface of the pond.


Sunset at Fjellveien walking road

Stretching across the full length of Mount Fløyen, Fjellveien provides great views over most of Bergen city center. The rural pedestrian road forms the dividing line between the forest and the houses that clings on to the mountainside. The sunset can be viewed from most parts of Fjellveien, as you walk between small charming neighbourhoods and soothing forest grounds, all along the same road.

Mount Ulriken

Sunset and views of Bergen from mount Ulriken

Mount Ulriken is another mountain offering stunning sunset vistas. Being the tallest of the 7 mountains, you get city, ocean and mountain views, all at the same time! Ulriken is the complete package. 
Getting to the mountaintop you may walk the impressive sherpa stairway that was completed in 2018.

Bryggen Wharf

golden sunset at Bryggen in Bergen on a summer day with lots of people enjoying the sun

One of the most accessible places to enjoy the sunset in Bergen, is the UNESCO world heritage site Bryggen. You have probably seen sunset photos of the hanseatic wharf in magazines, travel blogs and on Instagram where the wooden buildings in this historical harbour district are bathing in the sunset light. Sunsets at Bryggen can be absolutely magical.

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