Rib boat speeding and having fun in the Sognefjord

Finnabotn RIB Tour from Balestrand

Explore the most secluded arm of the Sognefjord on a RIB tour

This boat tour takes you to a place with no roads, no cell service and no city noises. Travel into the secluded Finnafjord, and see Finnabotn, an intriguing geological formation that is unforgettable.

Take a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) and venture into the most secluded arm of the Sognefjord, called Finnafjord. You cannot travel here by road and there are no noises other than the sounds of waterfalls all around you.

This remarkable tour takes you into a shallow, narrow passage to witness the steep, high mountain walls of Finnabotn, a unique geological formation that appears like a fjord inside a fjord.

Despite being one of the smallest branches of the Sognefjord, Finnafjord is one of the most beautiful areas to see, and one you won’t soon forget.


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