A river raft with 4 smiling rafters navigating the rapids of a river in Sigdal.

Rafting Adventure in Sigdal

Join a 1,5-hour thrilling rafting tour in Eggedøla river in Sigdal

This adventure tour is Norway’s most fun rafting trip! Eggedøla is a small watercourse, which is quickly affected by rainfall and snowmelt. This creates the opportunity for a thrilling day in the river.

Beginning on calm water to build self-confidence and skills, this adventure tour allows you to work with your group to navigate the exciting watercourse at Eggedøla. Your guide will train you on paddle technique, managing your raft as a team, river swimming and self-rescue. Then, you’ll set out with one guide for every two rafts.

This type of rafting tour gives you the thrill of riding the rapids, as well as the experience of working as a team and cooperation. Safety is the first priority on this trip, with fun and play following close behind. Prepare to get wet on this 1.5 hour tour!


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