Group of people climbing the glacier

Short Blue Ice Hike

Get roped together and experience Nigardsbreen Glacier on a guided hike

Follow your experienced guide up steep ice stairs and along high ice towers to explore the blue ice of the Nigardsbreen Glacier. Hikers can expect to spend 1.5 of the 4.5 hour trip on the ice.

This steep guided hike is a popular excursion for those looking for a challenging hiking trip in the mountains. Hikers are roped up and fitted with crampons and ice axes so they can walk along the deep blue crevasses and ice towers. Some groups even crawl through ice tunnels!

Participants should be sure-footed and must wear clothing covering their entire body (no shorts or skirts without leggings).

In front of Nigardsbreen Glacier there is the lake Nigardsbrevatnet, where boats transport visitors to the glacier. This is part of Jostedal Glacier National Park, named for the Jostedalen Valley.


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