Fjord boat from Rødne cruising through the narrow strait of Mostraumen

Fjord Cruise Mostraumen

3-hour boat cruise through Mostraumen and Osterfjord

Go on a 3-hour round trip from Bergen on a fjord cruise along the narrow Osterfjord to the rugged Mostraumen.

Several waterfalls cascade from the steep mountain sides along the 27 km (16 mi) long Osterfjord towards Modalen. The boat will stop and bring the bow up close to one of the waterfalls. Watch out, otherwise you will get a refreshing shower!

With 380 inhabitants, it is interesting to note that Modalen is Norway’s second smallest municipality.

The modern catamaran navigates safely through the powerful currents of Mostraumen. We strongly recommend standing in the bow to get a proper sense of how narrow and shallow the passage is.

Children travel for free between October 8 and October 16.


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