A man rappelling down a waterfall at Dagali

Extreme Canyoning Adventure at Dagali

A spectacular experience with waterfall rappelling, sliding in rapids and cliff jumping

Adventure-seekers will love this challenging canyoning day trip. The 4,921 foot (1,500 meter) section into the wilderness offers waterfalls to rappel, rapids to slide down, and pools to jump in.

Join a small group of active adventurers for an exciting exploration of the spectacular Norwegian outdoors.

You’ll discover secluded natural areas and slides, find high cliffs to jump from, including a 13 foot (4 meter) glacial pothole, and have the chance to rappel down a large waterfall!

An expert guide will be with you, and you’ll be equipped with safety lessons and equipment including a helmet, lifejacket, wetsuit and harness.

This is a challenging outing and you must be able to swim to partake. Experience with abseiling is an asset and the round trip will take between three and six hours.


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