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Welcome to Bodø

this Arctic city is natural

Enjoy a little northern exposure in Bodø, one of Norway’s fastest-growing destinations. Lying just north of the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway, this booming seaside “mini-metropolis” is not only a hotbed of cultural and culinary ambition.

The City Where the Wind Dances

Bodø, renowned for its strong winds and dramatic weather conditions, offers a unique blend of urban energy and wild nature.

It’s also the natural jumping off point for endless activities and adventures amid the striking scenic wonders of the surrounding Salten region — including some of Norway’s classic top draws.   

But first, the city itself. Its 52,000 inhabitants may live 840 km (523 mi) north of Oslo, but Bodø can be quite cosmopolitan. In fact, the town will serve as a European Capital of Culture come 2024. And no wonder; Bodø’s brimming with enough artful activity for a city many times its size.

Read more about Bodø!

Take in a symphony at the world’s northernmost professional orchestra, or trawl galleries and museums dedicated to not only art but Norwegian aviation, traditional trade vessels, folkways and city history, too. 

Or simply go for a stroll and soak it all in — Bodø’s a must for urban street artists. While you’re out, pop into some shops for unique keepsakes like salmon-leather goods. Now you’ve worked up an appetite. Fine dining? Farm to table? Fresh seafood, a burger or just some coffee and cake? Bodø’s city center got a range of eateries to fit every taste and budget. 

Nature’s never far away in Bodø, either. For your first foray, try an easy hike up the nearby heights of Keiservarden or Rønvikfjellet for stunning city and landscape views. If it’s summer, climb after hours under the Midnight Sun; in winter, with luck, the northern lights might light your way. By day, RIB craft zip across local waters on fjord safaris — spotting eagles, seals and perhaps an orca or two — or circle Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest maelstrom. Want more? How about five national parks? Or Norway’s second-largest glacier? Options in Bodø and Salten abound.

The weather in Bodø

Bodø is known for its windy climate, contributing to dramatic and changing weather conditions, ranging from sunny days to sudden storms.

How to travel to Bodø

Bodø Airport

Bodø is easily accessible by air from several Norwegian cities, as well as some international destinations. Bodø Airport is located only two kilometers from the city center, and offers regular flight connections to, among others, Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim. The flight to Bodø from Oslo takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

By boat

Hurtigruten, often known as the world’s most beautiful sea voyage, also stops in Bodø. This route offers you an exceptional opportunity to experience the Norwegian coast up close, and Bodø is an important port on this journey.

Nordland Railway

Train journeys to Bodø can be an adventure in itself, with beautiful nature along the route. The Nordland Railway, which runs from Trondheim to Bodø, is Norway’s longest train line and offers a unique journey through varied landscapes. The train journey takes around 10 hours from Trondheim and offers both day and night trains.