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If you’ve “been there” and “done that” when it comes to travel, remember those coordinates: 71°10’21” N, 25°47’04” E. Bad with numbers? In plain English, that’s the North Cape — in Norwegian, Nordkapp.

The edge of this 307-m (1,007-ft) cliff is the farthest north you can go in mainland Europe. Set course for North Cape and Magerøya, its island home, and embark on an exciting Arctic adventure, winter or summer.

Your first stop will be Honningsvåg, a cosy cruise and fishing port nestled on Magerøya’s southeastern coast. The northernmost city in Norway, Honningsvåg — population 2,500 or so —was rebuilt from the ground up after World War II. Only the 19th church emerged unscathed. Today, it’s ground zero for holiday tours. But first, trawl the streets to sample local life north of the Arctic Circle.

En route from Honningsvåg to North Cape, wonder at the scenic treeless tundra landscape of Magerøya. Reindeer graze on low-lying grass, moss and lichen. Sea birds circle and mountains soar in the skies. Fishermen reel in their catch at four charming village ports of call. Envious? There are bright red rorbuer, or fisherman's cabins, for hire. Before heading farther north, set out from picture-perfect Skarsvåg on a hike to Kirkeporten, a nearby natural stone arch. 

Finally, at the North Cape, the glistening Barents Sea stretches as far north as the eye can see. Snap a selfie at the iconic Globe monument at the cliff’s edge. In summer, you’ll have perfect light — this is the Land of the Midnight Sun, shining all night. 

Come winter, with luck, you’ll enjoy the breathtaking sight of the Northern Lights. Shimmering curtains of green, purple and white flit across a starry evening sky. Any time of year, the holiday of a lifetime can be yours.

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Tips and inspiration for your North Cape Adventure

Turquoise waters at Gjesvær

Credit: Bjarne Riesto | Nordnorge.com

Family at North Cape

Credit: Benjaminsen | Visit Norway

Kirkeporten looking over Mefjorden at Magerøya

Credit: Vidar Molokken | Visit Norway

Snowshoeing at Nordkapp

Credit: Destinasjon 71° Nord

Northern lights near North Cape

Credit: Destinasjon 71° Nord

Woman holding up king crab caught outside Honningsvåg

Credit: Destinasjon 71° Nord

Snowmobile safari to Nordkapp

Credit: Destinasjon 71° Nord