Gå til hovedinnholdet
Jotunheimen at fall

Welcome toEastern Norway

Sleek city streets and icy mountain peaks

Finn opplevelser

Charming ports, world-class sports and endless stretches of pristine wilderness — all within easy reach. Eastern Norway’s got what it takes when it comes to serious holidaymaking.

Kick-start your stay in booming Oslo, the country’s cosmopolitan capital and travel nexus. You’ll not only find the best and latest in culture, cuisine and commerce (not to mention cool). 

Gaze at beautiful statues in the Vigeland Park, take a scenic boat cruise from the city centre and try out some of the many highly acclaimed restaurants. This city’s one of Europe’s greenest, so nature’s on tap, too. Ride the metro to a ski jump. Hop a bus for some nearby hiking. Take a dip in the fjord. It’s the ultimate city-country stay.

Speaking of fjords, the capital holds court at the northern end of one — the Oslofjord. Its scenic banks are lined with scores of captivating towns, villages and seaports, each with unique charms. There’s perfectly preserved Fredrikstad and its 17th century walls. Halden and its hilltop fortress — offering top-notch dining and views. And Norway’s oldest city, Tønsberg, with its seafaring Viking heritage.

Hanker for some higher ground? Head north to Jotunheimen National Park, home to Norway’s highest peaks. Trek up Galdhøpiggen, our tallest mountain at 2,469 m (8,100 ft). Walk a glacier. Sail a lake. Stay on a farm. Raft, cycle, hike or ride horses — the options are endless in its 3,500 sq km (1,351 sq mi) of fun. 

At the foot of Jotunheimen, you find Beitostølen offering pristine nature and world class dog sledding among others. 

And there’s so much more, from beaches and gorges to open-air museums, canal boats and campgrounds. Eastern Norway has it all.

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Dog sledding at Beitostølen

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Ekeberg skulpture park in Oslo

Credit: Didrick Stenersen | Visit Oslo

Happy dog with tounge out

Credit: Beito Husky Tours

River rafting at Beitostølen

Credit: Beito Husky Tours

Cross-country skiing in Holmenkollen

Credit: Thomas Johannessen | Visit Oslo

Hiking in the mountains of Beitostølen

Credit: Beito Husky Tours | Tor Solberg

Vigeland Park in Oslo

Credit: Thomas Johannessen | Visit Oslo

Husky sledding at Beitostølen

Credit: Beito Husky Tours