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The harbor area of Flåm with lush mountainsides

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a village in the heart of Fjord Norway

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For a tiny fjord village, Flåm sure packs a lot of holiday punch. Home to just 500 residents, this small but picturesque port at the tip of the stunning Aurlandsfjord attracts almost half a million visitors each year.

And no wonder: Flåm’s not only surrounded by sheer beauty in the form of towering peaks, sheer cliffs, verdant valley and shimmering fjords — it’s also the nexus of some of the most enthralling trips by boat, bus or train anywhere on Earth. What’s more, there’s plenty else to do, drink and dine on, too.

Soak in amazing fjord views from on high at the spectacular Stegastein Viewpoint, perched 650 meters (2,133 ft) above the Aurlandsfjord. A short bus ride from town, the breathtaking platform juts some 30 meters out (98 ft) from the mountainside. 

Not lofty enough? Hop aboard the Flåmsbana rail line (Flåm Railway), one of the top attractions in all Norway, for a thrillingly steep and scenic ride up or down between sea level and Myrdal station, snuggled in the mountains some 866 meters (2,841 ft) above.

Where Flåm really shines, though, is in its fjords. It’s snuggled at the end of an arm of the gorgeous Sognefjord, the longest and deepest fjord in Norway. Setting out a fjord safari, kayak trip or sail from Flåm, or arriving there by boat from Bergen, you’ll glide past monumental cliffs soaring 1,000 meters (3,300 ft) and more. 

Or cruise the Aurlandsfjord to squeeze into the breathtakingly tight Nærøyfjord, just 500 meters (1,600 ft) wide in parts — and inspiration for Arendelle of Disney “Frozen” fame.

Back on terra firma, try some fjordside cycling, hike to a waterfall, or browse the railway museum and myriad shops. If all the fun’s got you famished, indulge at Flåm’s fine selection of cafés and restaurants. Parched? Pull a pint at a pub. 

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Flåm seen from the fjord
RIB safari in Flåm
Aurlandsfjord view with old hut

Credit: Paul Edmundson

Winter RIB safari on the Aurlandsfjord
Man standing on Stegastein viewplatform
Flåm town centre
Cycling along Rallarvegen

Credit: Sverre Hjørnevik | Visit Flam