Departing by boat from Bergen

Island Hopping Adventure to Bulandet

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An aerial view of Bulandet with all its small inlets and islands, some of them connected by bridge.


Discover Norway's island gems on the local postal boat
  • Season
    Mon, 17 Jun - Fri, 23 Aug
  • Departure point
  • Duration
    12 hours 45 minutes

If you’re looking for a unique experience in Norway join us on an island hopping trip from Bergen to Bulandet. This trip can be experienced as a day trip, or with overnight stays- it’s completely up to you!

The trip begins by departing Bergen Strandkaiterminal by express boat. The express boat ventures towards Solund, a municipality within the county of Sogn og Fjordane. The express boat will drop you off in a place called Krakhella, where a bus will take you to the quaint village of Hardbakke.

From here, you’re in for a treat! You will board the 'Stjernsund,’ a postal mail boat which services an archipelago. As well as delivering the mail, the boat transports ordinary passengers, school children and even sheep. While on board you can admire the picturesque islands and an abundance of small settlements, islets and skerries. You’ll learn all about the fascinating history and culture of these remote coastal communities and dramatic landscapes.

The postal boat will drop you off at an island called Gåsvær, renowned for its fishing trade. Here, you’ll have 30 minutes to explore and take photographs of the colourful houses and breathtaking shoreline.

You will wave farewell to the postal boat once you’ve arrived at the island of Bulandet. Here you can treat yourself to lunch at the local cafe where a traditional menu is on offer. Or, if you fancy something a bit more active bike rental is available! Once you’ve explored Bulandet it’s time to begin the return journey back to Bergen.

If you’re looking for an experience that will truly immerse you in Norwegian culture the island hopping day trip from Bergen to Bulandet is a must see! Book your place on the postal boat for an unforgettable experience.

Island Hopping Tour Itinerary

08:00- Departure by express boat from Bergen Strandkaiterminal

10:15 - Arrival by express boat Krakhella

10:20 - Departure by bus from Krakhella

10:50 - Arrival by bus at Hardbakke

11:00 - Departure by local post boat from Hardbakke

12:30 - Arrival by local post boat at Gåsvær

13:00 - Departure Gåsvær

13:30 - Arrival Bulandet

15:50 - Departure by bus from Bulandet

16:15 - Arrival Værlandet ferry pier

16:30 - Departure by ferry from Værlandet

17:30 - Arrival Askvoll

17:40 - Departure by express boat from Askvoll

20:45 - Arrival Bergen

Prices and departures


From Bergen

Adult NOK 1470
Child (4-16NOK 885

Quoted prices apply to online bookings. An additional charge may apply on trips where purchasing on site is available.


From: Bergen

Monday to Friday from Strandkaiterminalen at 08:00



Sights on the trip

  • Stjernsund Postal Boat

    There’s no better way to explore the narrow waters and small islands on the western coastline of Norway than on the postal boat. Listen to stories about the multitude of tiny communities living in the area, all told by the knowledgeable captain. He’s a fantastic local guide!

    The local postal boat driving between small Western Norwegian communities dropping of mail and transporting tourists.
  • Bulandet

    Bulandet is an archipelago located in the sea just off the coast of Western Norway. This group of small islands is connected by 6 bridges and a 5 km road, which means that you can explore it yourself! If you’re feeling hungry, visit the cafe by the harbour. The local chef serves up delicious food, including his popular fish soup. A great way to explore Bulandet is by bike, which you can rent. Cycle to the various viewpoints where you can snap some fantastic photographs. There’s also a museum with is worth a visit.

    A photo of Bulandet with some private red, white and yellow homes located between small islands and inlets.
  • A variety of wildlife

    As you cruise along the open water keep your eyes and ears open for the local wildlife. There are so many species that can be spotted on the coastline. Search the skies for soaring sea eagles that nest on the rocks. As you cruise along the water look out for otters and porpoise! Seals and falcons are also frequently sighted on this amazing trip.

    A peregrine falcon coming in for landing.

Practical information

Top tips and advice

Facilities on the trip

· Toilets on the express boat from Bergen, Hardbakke and in Bulandet

· Food and drink purchases in Gåsvær and Bulandet

What to wear

It doesn’t matter what time of year you take this trip, it can get chilly on the open water. We suggest that you bring the following:

· Walking shoes

· Waterproof jacket

· A warm layer of clothing

Remember to check the weather beforehand. If you’re lucky enough to experience the trip on a sunny day, bring sunscreen, sun hats and sunglasses with you.

Where to eat

There are places to purchase food and drink in Gåsvær and a cafe to visit in Bulandet. We advise that you bring some food and drink with you as it’s a long day and you’ll need plenty of energy to explore.

Additional Information

Please be aware that some places on this trip don’t accept card payments. Therefore it’s sensible to bring cash with you so that you can enjoy your trip to the full. As with all of our tours, you’ll definitely need to bring your camera!