Hardangerfjord cruise and glacier hiking on Folgefonna

Hiking on the roof of Western Norway
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A group of people going for a glacier walk at Folgefonna glacier in Western Norway.Paal Hermansen / Folgefonna Berfoerarlag


Blue magic
  • Season
    25. June - 12. Aug.
  • Departure point
    Bergen Bus station or Nordheimssund
  • Duration
    11,5 hours

Once you’ve hiked across a glacier, you’ll definitely be entitled to call yourself something more than just another hiker. That's because this is much, much more than an ordinary hike. On Folgefonna, you can experience snow and ice – at the height of summer! 

Join Folgefonni Breførarlag for a five-hour guided tour over one of the most southerly glaciers in Norway. This is a raw natural experience you don’t want to miss! The view is also rather special too when you’re this high up: From the top, you can see much of the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, Hardangerfjord and right down to the North Sea on a clear summer’s day. This is an experience that will live long in your memory.

On Folgefonna, you will hike in an area where the landscape tells a story which extends as far back as 1.5 billion years ago. The landscape you see around you has been shaped by the inland ice sheet which once covered the whole of Scandinavia, and the glacier you are walking on has been here for over 5,000 years. 

High above the fjord, you will get to know the unique nature and the many stories of Folgefonna and the surrounding area. Tourists have been flocking to the national park since the 1830s, and it is said that “friend of Norway” Keiser Vilhelm II used to walk in the national park on his annual visits to Western Norway. 

The size of Folgefonna alone is impressive. Norway’s third largest glacier actually consists of three glaciers, which collectively extend across 200 square kilometres. At the glacier's thickest point, you will have almost 400 metres of snow beneath your feet.

Prices and departures


From Bergen

From Norheimsund

Quoted prices apply to online bookings. An additional charge may apply on trips where purchasing on site is available.


From Bergen

07:25 from the bus station

From Norheimsund

09:00 from the quay



Sights on the trip

  • Dancing colours in the glacier

    Shades of blue seen in the Folgefonna glacier in Western Norway.
  • Local flora and fauna

    It is a unique ecosystem which develops in a place such as this. Plants and heather growing at the edge of the glacier tolerate snow and extreme temperatures. The fauna is richest further down in the national park, but in the area around the glacier, you can see rock ptarmigan, golden eagle and meadow pipit.

    Ptarmigan Male sitting on rocks. He has a brown head and a mix of white and brown feathers.

Practical information

More about the excursion, tips and advice

You can start this excursion from the bus station in Bergen or on the quay in Norheimsund. Return transport from Bergen is by bus to Norheimsund. From Norheimsund, you will travel by boat to Herand, before the trip continues by bus up to Folgefonna/Fonna Glacier Ski Resort, where you will be met by a guide from Folgefonna Breførarlag. Return via the same route.

Remember to bring the right equipment!

It's important that you wear good sensible clothing. Hiking in the high mountains/on a glacier requires walking boots, waterproof clothing or a windproof jacket and trousers. Don’t have any? You can hire equipment at the centre.

Safety is important

A glacier is constantly in motion, and the snow can hide cracks. On the glacier hike, everyone is therefore required to be attached to a rope and walk in a line.