Fjordcruise from Bergen to Flåm

On a journey of discovery in Sognefjord
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An aerial view of Flaam and the cruiseport with blue fjord water, the small village of Flaam surrounded by green gras fields and with majestic mountains right behind the village.


Majestic, dramatic – and welcoming!
  • Season
    16. April - 14. October
  • Departure point
    Bergen Strandkaiterminalen or Flåm
  • Duration
    5.25 hours

You are hereby granted an audience with the King of the Fjords – or more specifically, Norway's longest and deepest fjord, Sognefjord. It is majestically situated in the heart of Fjord Norway and stretches in from the coast all the way to the foot of another giant: Jotunheimen.

On this excursion, you get to experience the transition from coast to fjord landscape all the way from Bergen and inland to Flåm. Sognefjord and the surrounding area has been cited by many people as one of the most beautiful places on Earth. We think it's highly likely that you'll agree as you work your way along the 200 km-long magnificent fjord. Let yourself be inspired as artists, authors, emperors and film-makers have been before you – there's certainly plenty of inspiration for everyone.

There is (to put it mildly!) lots for you to see, do and experience along Sognefjord. Therefore, we recommend that you stop along the way if you can. Explore one of the many wonderful areas in more detail before continuing on the boat the next day. 

Prices and departures


From Bergen

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From Bergen

Daily from Strandkaiterminalen at 08:00



Sights on the trip

  • Flåm

    The small and beautiful village of Flåm is located on the inner reaches of the Aurlandsfjord, a branch of the Sognefjord. The area is much-loved by cruise tourists and photographers, as well as cycling enthusiasts, hikers and hedonists alike.

    Looking down at Sognefjorden and Flaam from the mountainside.
  • Undredal

    A short journey by car from Flåm (around 10 minutes) takes you to Undredal. A cosy place that also has proud traditions of producing excellent goat's cheese that any foodie certainly wouldn't want to miss out on. Besides a superb stave church dating from 1147, the area is characterised by green pasture and friendly goats. Undredal is located in an area known as the Nærøyfjord World Heritage Park.

    Plates of local goat cheese, white cheese as well as salami and jam.
  • Nærøyfjorden

    This arm of the Sognefjord is on UNESCO's World Heritage List and is quite an attraction in itself. Quiet, narrow and yet overwhelming. Perfect for kayaking!

    Tha majestic mountains surrounding Sognefjorden is reflected in the water

Practical information

More about the excursion, tips and advice

The excursion starts from Strandkaiterminalen in Bergen. There are daily express boat departures to Flåm in season.