Eidfjord sightseeing and Vøringsfossen

Experience Norway's most famous waterfall
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A view of the small village of Eidfjord mirrored in the Hardangerfjord.


The small rural community with big contrasts
  • Season
    May 1th - Sept. 30th
  • Departure point
  • Duration
    Approx. 2.5 h

Eidfjord is located deep within Hardangerfjord and a short distance from the imposing Hardangervidda mountain plateau. Here, you will find level fjords and high peaks, calm lakes and cascading waterfalls. The sightseeing excursion takes you to some of the highlights in the area around this small rural community in Western Norway. 

The first stop is Norwegian Nature Centre Hardanger – a national park centre with exhibitions and experiences centred around Norwegian nature, climate and the environment. Amongst other things, you can watch the popular panorama film 'The Best of Norway' made by none other than Ivo Caprino, the popular film director and great grandson of Hans Gude. 150 years after Gude painted the ‘Bridal Procession on the Hardangerfjord' (Brudeferden i Hardanger), Caprino's film takes you on a new journey in Hardanger – between high mountains and deep fjords, from nerve-jangling drops into steep gorges to serene passages above mountain lakes and glaciers. You can also learn more at the centre about how glaciers have shaped the area. You can explore the landscape through interactive stations and talk to the Middle Age man Ottar. 

Now's the time for an outdoors experience out of the ordinary! Vøringsfossen can be admired by everyone (including those with a fear of heights!) from behind high fences with a great view. 

Time to spare in Eidfjord once the sightseeing excursion is over? There's lots more to experience! There are many delightful trails, just waiting to take you on a journey through culture, nature and history. You might like to admire the traditional Jakob Church, which dates from 1309, and the trees decorated with colourful wool. While you take in the surroundings, you might also imagine yourself as one of the tough guys taking part in the 'Norseman Xtreme Triathlon' here every year.

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From Eidfjord

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From Eidfjord

11:45 from the tourist information



Sights on the trip

  • Vøringfossen Waterfall

    The Vøringsfossen Waterfall in Måbødalen is the most famous waterfall in Norway, with a vertical fall of 145 metres and a total fall of 182 metres. We’re talking spec-tac-u-lar here! 

    Famous Voringfossen gorge with waterfall near Eidfjord in province of Hordaland Norway

Practical information

More about the excursion, tips and advice

This excursion is by bus. We start from the quay in Eidfjord at 11:45, after the NORLED Hardangerfjord Cruise on the boat MS Teisten has docked. The excursion takes around 2.5 hours, and we will be back in plenty of time before the MS Teisten departs at 14:40.

The tour is operated by Tide. If you have any questions, please contact Tide's customer service desk at [email protected] or phonenumber: +4755238700. Customer service hours are Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday/Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.