Departing from Eidfjord

Sightseeing tour from Eidfjord to the famous waterfall Vøringsfossen

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A water reflection of a cloudy landscape in the Hardangerfjord.


The best sightseeing bus tour in Eidfjord
  • Season
    Tue, 1 May - Sun, 30 Sep
  • Departure point
  • Duration
    2 hours 45 minutes

You can’t visit Eidfjord without experiencing The Norwegian Nature Centre Hardanger and the mighty Vøringsfossen waterfall. Join us on an audio-guided hop off bus tour! The bus leaves from Eidfjord outside the tourist information centre. It’s definitely the best way to see two of the most popular attractions in Hardangerfjord.

Eidfjord is a short bus journey from Hardangervidda mountain plateau. This is Norway’s largest national park- and it’s an impressive place. As we drive through steep mountainsides you’ll be wowed by high peaks, waterfalls and mountain farms. In no time at all, you’ll arrive at the first stop, The Norwegian Nature Centre Hardanger. This national park centre celebrates Norwegian nature, climate and environment through a range of interactive exhibits. Entry to the centre is included in the price of your ticket.

After an informative stop at The Norwegian Nature Centre, it’s time to hop on and hop off the bus at Vøringsfossen waterfall. Cameras at the ready, you’re about to see something magnificent. With a dramatic fall of 182 metres, the beautiful Vøringsfossen is hard to put into words. You can see just how spectacular it is by taking the short walk from the bus to the viewing platform. There you’ll see the enchanting waterfall surging from Hardangervidda plateau down into the winding Måbødalen valley.

After you’ve experienced The Norwegian Nature Centre and Vøringsfossen waterfall, the bus will take you back to Eidfjord. If you have time, there’s plenty of things to do and see in Eidfjord. Go and see the Jakob Church, which dates back to 1309. Book a tour at Sima Power Plant or enjoy one of the many hiking trails in the area.

Eidfjord Sightseeing Bus Tour Itinerary

11:45- Depart by bus from Eidfjord Tourist Information Centre

11:55- Arrive by bus at The Norwegian Nature Centre Hardanger

13:30- Depart by bus from The Norwegian Nature Centre Hardanger

13:45- Arrive by bus at Vøringsfossen waterfall

14:10- Depart by bus from Vøringsfossen waterfall

14:30- Arrive at Eidfjord Tourist Information Centre

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From Eidfjord

Adult NOK 420
Child (0-4NOK 310
Child (4-16NOK 310

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From: Eidfjord

11:45 from the tourist information



Sights on the trip

  • Norwegian Nature Centre

    There is much to see at the Nature Centre. The interactive stations and immersive exhibits focus on experiences centred on culture, nature and the environment. This educational attraction allows visitors to learn about the breathtaking landscape surrounding them. As well as an aquarium, there is also an amazing five-screen cinema. Here, you will watch 20 unforgettable minutes of film. Created by Norwegian filmmaker Ivo Caprino, you will soar high above the lofty heights of the fjords. Accompanied by an original soundtrack, you’ll discover majestic mountain lakes, glaciers and roaring waterfalls. This poetic creation truly showcases the unrivalled landscape of the Norwegian fjords.

    An audience sitting in chairs watching a panorama video at Hardangerfjord Nature Centre.
  • Vøringsfossen

    Vøringsfossen waterfall is a spectacular sight to behold. When the bus stops here you have the chance to make the short walk to the fenced viewing platform. Be sure to watch your step, it can be a bit slippery! As you make your way up, the landscape opens up before you. Once at the top, take a minute to really appreciate the view. Step forward (if you dare!) and watch the raging water hit the valley below.

    View of the monumental VøringsfossenShutterstock

Practical information

Top tips and advice

Facilities near Eidfjord

  • Public toilets next to Mix-Kroa fast food restaurant
  • Cashpoint (Coop supermarket)
  • Supermarket

Facilities at The Nature Centre

  • Public toilets
  • Cafe/restaurant
  • Tourist information

Facilities at Vøringsfossen waterfall

  • Fossli Hotel
  • Cafe
  • Souvenir shop

What to wear

There is a footpath to the Vøringsfossen waterfall but it can be slippery. Therefore we recommend wearing sensible shoes such as trainers or hiking boots. The weather can be unpredictable in Norway, so check the forecast and don’t get caught out. The Vøringsfossen waterfall trip is outdoors, so it’s sensible to bring a waterproof jacket.

Where to eat

There are places to purchase food during the trip. At The Nature Centre, there is a restaurant serving traditional Norwegian food and drink. Be aware that you are visiting for a set time period, so check with the servers how long the food will take. We don’t want you rushing your lunch or missing the bus. Many guests choose to bring a packed lunch so that they have longer to enjoy the exhibits. There’s plenty of green spaces to sit and enjoy a picnic.

At Vøringsfossen waterfall there is a cafe that sells drinks and snacks. This is the perfect spot to enjoy an ice cream!

Additional Information

Before you hop-off the bus at each destination, your bus driver will let you know what time you’ll be departing. Make sure you pay attention! It’s easy to let time run away, especially when you’re having a good time.

The tour is operated by Tide. If you have any questions, please contact Tide's customer service desk at [email protected]