4 Apr - 30 Sep

Go Sognefjord & Vik

Fjord tour, high mountains, guided village tour, waterfalls and a meal
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From Bergen

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This circular tour will take you on a breathtaking cruise along the King of the Fjords: the Sognefjord, the largest and deepest fjord in Norway. Get your camera ready on the boat cruise and head to the top-deck. Admire the majestic mountains, open waters and captivating wildlife.

The tour includes a visit to the fjord village of Vik, where you’ll be spoilt by the rich cultural heritage. Here you will meet your local guide, which will accompany you to the Hopperstad Stave Church, one of the oldest stave churches in Norway, to the Hove stone Church, which is another heritage church with rich burial finds from Roman times. You guide will also take you on a walk among traditional wooden houses where you will learn about the history of Vikøyri.

Your will also get to discover some new and interesting flavours on this tour. In fact Vik is the only place in Norway to produce traditional “Gamalost”, a unique Norwegian cheese. You will be introduced to this cheese at Tine Ostebar, which serves up delicious samples. Your senses are ready now, to enjoy a cold Norwegian lunch buffet mainly consisting of a variety bread, cheese, meat, tea and coffee.

To enjoy a typical Norwegian lunch buffet (cold buffet) with local products.

On the part of the journey that goes by bus, you can admire a variety of stunning landscapes while passing over the stunning mountain platou, Vikafjellet. Between Vik and Bergen lies Tvindefossen waterfall, one to certainly cross off your must-see list.

This tour starts and ends in Bergen. You can either start your day with the bus to Vik over Vikafjellet and return to Bergen by boat, or as an alternative, you can start your trip by boat, sailing through the Sognefjord to Vik and then continue on over Vikafjellet and back to Bergen by bus.


Sights on the trip

  • Tvindefossen Waterfall

    Just 12 km outside of Voss is Tvindefossen waterfall. At 152 metres, the waterfall is a truly magnificent sight. There are plenty of viewpoints where you can take fantastic photographs of stranded streams tumbling gracefully over the mountainside. Tvindefossen is a popular natural attraction and is featured on TripAdvisor’s ‘must-see’ list for the area.

  • Hopperstad Stave Church guided tour

    Hopperstad Stave Church was built in around 1130. It is one of the oldest stave churches in existence, and still stands in its original location. It's thought that the church consists of around 2000 individual parts, which would have been created by itinerant craftsmen and assembled with the help of local villagers. Common motifs such as vines, foliage and mythical beasts adorn the exterior, enhanced by colourful canopy paintings inside.

  • Storesvingen

    Storevingen is a spot up in the mountains just above Vik, which offers an unrivalled view of the passage between the village and the Sognefjord.