Day trip from Bergen to Vik and Voss

The Go Fjords Classic - From idyllic mountains to fjord gems
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A view of the small village of Vik seen from a view point above the village where you also see the Sognefjord  bordering Vik.


Welcome to wonderful Vik, Voss and Vikafjellet
  • Season
    1. July - 15. August
  • Departure point
    Bergen (Strandkaiterminalen if starting by boat / Bergen Bus Station if starting by bus)
  • Duration

Magnificent waterfalls, lively country villages, a beautiful mountain pass and a captivating fjord cruise. These are some of the ingredients of the day trip, which combines some of the best the area has to offer of both fjord and mountains. 

Both cameras and mobile phones will constantly be busy, due to a wealth of photo opportunities. The fjord cruise transports visitors along the famed Sognefjorden, where you can rest your gaze on mountains, water and local birdlife. It's no wonder this majestic fjord, the longest in Norway, is known as "the king of the fjords". 

Vikafjellet divides Voss and Vik – mountain village from fjord village. This well-known mountain pass offers lovely variations of deep blue lakes, pink and green fields of heather, and white patches of snow. A brief stop at the top will give visitors time to roll a couple of solid snowballs or a miniature snowman.  

Beautiful Vik on the southern side of Sognefjorden has 2400 local residents. With roots dating back to the Viking age, this little village is the only place in Norway that produces "gamalost", a traditional Norwegian cheese. 

In region of Voss, visitors will encounter a majestic mountain landscape, where white water rafts sweep down powerful rivers, and skydivers are a natural element of the sky.  

The round trip begins and ends in Bergen city centre. We transport you between Bergen and Vik in a comfortable catamaran, and from Vik to Bergen you can relax in a bus seat. You are free to choose the direction of your trip – whether you want to start by bus to Voss, or by boat headed for Sognefjorden and Vik. 

Prices and departures


From Bergen

Quoted prices apply to online bookings. An additional charge may apply on trips where purchasing on site is available.


From Bergen

If you start the tour by boat: Daily departures from Strandkaiterminalen, Bergen at 08:00

If you start the tour by bus: Daily departures from Bergen Bus Station, Platform M at 9:10


If you start the tour by boat: Arrival at Bergen Bus Station at 19:10

If you start the tour by bus: Arrival at Strandkaiterminalen, Bergen at 20:45



Sights on the trip

  • Tvindefossen

    The 152-metre waterfall is a magnificent sight and unique nature attraction. It is located just 12 km outside Voss and is a top-ranked attraction on Tripadvisor's "must-see" list.

    A view of the spectacular Tvindefoss surrounded by green nature located outside of Voss
  • Hopperstad Stave Church


    This stave church was built around the year 1130 and is considered one of Norway's oldest. It is a classic stave church, designed with a log construction several levels high. Throughout its long life, the stave church has experienced both decay and a wonderful restoration, directed by renowned architect Peter Andreas Blix.

    A view of the brown wodden church named Hopperstad Stave Church located in Vik in Norway.
  • Storesvingen

    Up in the mountains just above Vik, there is a first-class view of the passage between village and fjord. 

    A view of Vik from the famous viewpoint Storesvingen where you see the small village of Vik bordering the waters of the Sognefjord with snowcapped mountains in the background.

Practical information

More about the excursion, tips and advice

On this trip you can choose the direction of your trip, but the starting point and ending point is in Bergen.

  • Important information on the route that starts with boat from Bergen to Vik followed by bus from Vik through Voss back to Bergen: 

In Vik you can take the bus either from Vik Bus Station at 14:30 OR by Hopperstad Stave Church at 14:35. In Voss you need to change buses. The estimated wait is approx. 25 minutes. The name of the bus company that takes you from Voss to Bergen is Nettbuss (Nettbuss NX 450). You need a separate book id that you present to the bus driver upon boarding the bus.

  • Important information on the route that starts from Bergen by bus to Voss and Vik, followed by boat from Vik back to Bergen: 

The bus departs from Bergen Bus Station platform M by bus JVB/Nor Way NW 162. You need to change buses at Voss. The estimated wait is approx. 45 minutes. You may get of the bus by Hopperstad Stave Church at 13:55.