Departing from Bergen

Sognefjord, Vik and Voss: One Day Surrounded by Natural Wonders

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A view of Vik and its colorful wooden boathouses in yellow, red and white seen from the water. The boat houses have a wooden pier in front of them and are backed up by green mountains behind them.


Discover the wonderful Vik, Voss and Vikafjellet by boat and bus
  • Season
    Mon, 1 Apr - Mon, 30 Sep
  • Departure point
  • Duration
    11 hours

If you’re looking for things to do in Bergen while in Norway, you should experience a fjord trip to Vik, Voss and Vikafjellet. This amazing circular tour begins in Bergen City Centre and it’s up to you whether you start the day by boat or by bus! Part of this amazing tour will take you on a breathtaking cruise along Sognefjord. Get your camera at the ready on the Sognefjord boat cruise and head to the top-deck. Admire the majestic mountains, open waters and captivating wildlife.

The tour includes a three hour stop in the municipality of Vik, where you’ll be spoilt by the rich cultural heritage. There’s plenty for you to see! Visit the Hopperstad Stave Church, one of the oldest churches in Norway, dating back to 1130. Explore the beautiful Fridtjov Park where you’ll find the Fridtjov statue, standing tall at 26 metres high. As you stroll through this idyllic park you can enjoy unparalleled views of the glorious Sognefjord. You should also know that Vik is the only place in Norway to produce gamalost, a traditional Norwegian cheese. If you’re a lover of cheese you should visit At Tines Ostebar, which serves up samples.

Vikafjellet, or ‘Vik Fell,’ features on the mountainous road between Vik and Voss. You make the journey by bus on this route and you’ll be spoilt by the variety of stunning landscapes. Spot twinkling blue lakes, luscious green fields and pink heather. Snow even features on this gorgeous mountain route. The bus makes a brief stop at the top of Vikafjellet, where passengers can roll snowballs and make miniature snowmen.

Between Voss and Flåm lies Tvindefossen waterfall. It’s one of Norway’s top attractions and is certainly one to cross off your must-see list. The magnificent natural attraction is 152 metres high and you will watch in awe as the many-stranded waterfall tumbles over the rocky cliff.

You will travel back to Bergen by boat or bus (depending on how you started the tour).

Bergen day trip to Vik, Voss and Vikafjellet itinerary

(Starting by boat)

08:00/10.00 - Depart by boat from Bergen Strandkaiterminal

11:30- Arrive by boat at Vik kai

Visitors will have 1,5 hours / 3 hours to explore the beautiful village of Vik

14:30- Depart by bus from Vik bus stop or Stave Church

17:00- Arrive by bus at Voss

17:25- Depart by bus from Voss bus station

19:10- Arrive by bus at Bergen bus station

(Starting by bus)

10:00 - Depart by bus from Bergen/Tourist Information center

10:45- Arrive by bus at Voss bus station

11:30- Depart by bus from Voss

14:00- Arrive by bus at Vik

Visitors will have 1,5 hours / 3 hours to explore the beautiful village of Vik

15:30/17:10- Depart by boat from Vik kai

19:00/20:45- Arrive by boat at Bergen Strandkaiterminal

Prices and departures


From Bergen

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Child (0-4NOK 0
Child (4-16NOK 1090

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From: Bergen

If you start the tour by boat: Daily departures from Strandkaiterminalen, Bergen at 08:00

If you start the tour by bus: Daily departures from Bergen Tourist Information at 9:10


If you start the tour by boat: Arrival at Bergen Tourist Information at 19:00

If you start the tour by bus: Arrival at Strandkaiterminalen, Bergen at 19:00 or 20:45



Sights on the trip

  • Tvindefossen

    Just 12 km outside of Voss is Tvindefossen waterfall. At 152 metres, the waterfall is a truly magnificent sight. There are plenty of viewpoints on the way, where you can take fantastic photographs of stranded streams tumbling gracefully over the mountainside. Tvindefossen is a popular natural attraction and features of TripAdvisor’s ‘must-see’ list.

    A view of the spectacular Tvindefoss surrounded by green nature located outside of Voss
  • Hopperstad Stave Church

    A stave church is a medieval wooden church building once popular in north-west Europe. These wood carved Christian churches are now almost exclusively found in Norway. Hopperstad Stave Church was built in 1130 and is one of the oldest stave churches in existence. The church, located in Vik, was nearly lost had it not been for the work of cultural conservationists. Throughout its long life, the stave church has experienced both decay and a wonderful restoration, directed by renowned architect Peter Andreas Blix in 1881.

    A view of the brown wodden church named Hopperstad Stave Church located in Vik in Norway.
  • Storesvingen

    Between the majestic Sognefjord and Vikafjellet mountain, you will find Storevingen. Storevingen is a spot up in the mountains just above Vik, which offers an unrivalled view of the passage between the village and the fjord. From this viewpoint, you will find Storevingen Fjellstove, a small cafe serving hot and cold local dishes, drinks and ice cream.

    A view of Vik from the famous viewpoint Storesvingen where you see the small village of Vik bordering the waters of the Sognefjord with snowcapped mountains in the background.

Practical information

More about the excursion, tips and advice

Facilities on the boat

  • Toilets are available on board
  • A kiosk selling drinks and snacks

Facilities at Vik

  • Tourist information centre (Blix Hotell)
  • Grocery store
  • Cafe and bakery

What to wear

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes as you’ll be exploring for the whole day! While hiking boots aren’t needed, shoes that are made for a long day are required. Weather conditions in Norway are usually changeable, even in the summer months. So bring additional layers and a waterproof jacket with you just in case.

Where to eat

There is a kiosk on the boat selling refreshments and places to eat in Vik. However, you may want to pack a few snacks and a bottle of water to keep you going on the bus journey.

Additional information

On this excursion, you can choose the direction of your trip, but the starting point and ending point is in Bergen. Please note that the itinerary is different depending on your date of travel.