Cruise on Sognefjord and excursion to Jostedalsbreen glacier

Visit the origin of the fjord
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woman sitting on bench looking at the Boeyabre glacier as it runs into the ocean


The best of the fjord – and the glaciers which shaped it
  • Season
    June 1th - 15 th Sept.
  • Departure point
    Bergen Strandkaiterminalen
  • Duration
    13 h

If there’s anything that one should spare a grateful thought for as your boat sails serenely on an improbably beautiful fjord, then it is the glaciers which shaped it. On this tour, that may be food for thought, but you can just as easily let your thoughts wander as you survey the fjord landscape and on into beautiful, world-famous Sognefjord.

In Balestrand, you will transfer to a smaller boat, which will take you in through the green, idyllic Fjærlandsfjord to Fjærland. Here, you will have two opportunities to encounter the Norwegian glaciers – firstly at the Norwegian Glacier Museum, where you can learn more about the “inner life” of the glaciers and watch a fascinating film about the Jostedalsbreen glacier produced by film-maker Ivo Caprino. Afterwards, you will get to experience a glacier up close. The Bøyabreen glacier is an arm of the largest mainland ice in Europe – the Jostedalsbreen glacier. 

Prices and departures


From Bergen

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From Bergen

08:00 from Strandkaiterminalen



Sights on the trip

  • Balestrand

    Balestrand Art Village has been a favourite destination for both tourists and painters in the National Romantic style for over a hundred years. This tiny village is also home to galleries and its own culture trail, as well as other paths, attractions and activities in and around the fjord.

    Sognefjord lanscape in Balestrand, Norway.
  • Fjærland

    This is the village where the fjord meets the glacier – at its shortest, the distance is less than 10 km! Two of the arms of the Jostedalsbreen glacier extend down as far as Fjærland, and certain areas are also situated within the Jostedalsbreen National Park. The Norwegian book town, with almost four shelf-kilometres of books for sale, and the Norwegian Glacier Museum are also situated here.

    Clouds hanging low over the village of Fjaerland in Norway
  • Sognefjord

    Norway's longest and deepest fjord stretches for more than 200 kilometres. The inner part of the fjord is located at the lower part of Jotunheimen, and the area is cited by many as being one of the most beautiful in the world. That isn't hard to believe.

    A reflection shot of the majestic sognefjord. The mountains a mirrored in the water.

Practical information

More about the excursion, tips and advice

The excursion starts from Strandkaiterminalen in Bergen. You will travel by express boat to Balestrand and then on a sightseeing boat on to Fjærland. Bus to the Norwegian Glacier Museum and the Bøyabreen glacier. Return via the same route.