Bus from Hardanger (Tyssedal and Odda) to Stavanger through Ryfylke

Travel south through Norway's most beautiful mountain landscape
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A view of colorful wooden houses in yellow, red, blue, green and white dotted by the water around Hardangerfjord


On this excursion, we transport you effortlessly by bus between Stavanger and Hardanger
  • Season
    1. July - 31. August
  • Departure point
  • Duration
    5h 45min

Sit back and relax in a nice comfy coach seat and enjoy the view while we take you on the historical route known as the Discovery Route (National Road 13).

The Discovery Route has been in existence since the 1880s. At that time, tourists travelled by horse and cart to experience the magnificent landscape with its majestic mountains, cascading waterfalls, crystal-clear rivers, pure fjords and imposing glaciers. Fortunately, transport is much more comfortable now than it was back then. But the scenery remains just as beautiful. This landscape now forms the basis for a unique and varied range of outdoor activities and experiences. 

Prices and departures


From Odda

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We are unfortunately not able to offer discount tickets for childre, students or seniors on this trip.


From Odda

Daily 8:50 from Odda Bus Terminal

* For more details about the route and points of entry along the way, please have at the itinerary and passing times section at the bottom of the page.


Click here  If you rather prefer to take the pus in the oposite direction heading north from Stavanger to Odda.



Sights on the trip

  • Låtefossen waterfall

    The powerful 165-metre high waterfall is located just outside Odda. This waterfall is one of Norway's most popular nature-based tourist attractions. A hotel once stood at the foot of the waterfall at the time British and German travellers visited the area by horse and cart in the 1880s. You can now see the remains of the foundations where the hotel once stood on the south side of the waterfall. 

    The powerfull Låtefoss is running down the mountainside in the summer time with a historic stone bridge with two arches is located by the foot of it.
  • Discovery Route


    The historic excursion route along national highway 13 through the district of Ryfylke invites you to an encounter with Fjord Norway in the shape of a varied, beautiful and lush landscape where the well-maintained cultural landscape gives way to scree, polished cliffs, fjords and mountains.

    A narrow car road on Discovery Route RV 13 in Norway showing a small tunnel  drilled through the rocky mountain.

Practical information

Itinerary and passing times

08:30 bus departure from Tyssedal (bus stop by Rv 13)

08:50 bus departure from Odda Bus Station

09:35 bus departure from Hordatun (by Røldal)

10:45 bus departure from Sand (the crossing by Fv13 (county road 13)

11:45 ferry departure from Nesvik to Hjelmeland

13:10 arrival at Tau ferry terminal

13:30 ferry departure from Tau to Stavanger Fiskepirterminal

14:10 arrival at final destination at Stavanger Fiskepirterminal in Stavanger citycentre