Boat trip from Bergen through the magical whirlpools to Skjerjehamn

Boat excursion on the Norwegian Fjord Coast
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Water reflection of red houses, two sail boats, blue sky and clouds at Skjerjehamn in Western Norway


Where old and new meet
  • Season
    16. April - 14. Oct.
  • Departure point
    Bergen, Strandkaiterminalen
  • Duration
    Approx 4 h

Skjerjehamn is pleasantly located on an islet at the far tip of the island of Sandøy in the municipality of Gulen. This tiny place has been crowned as the 'jewel of the year' and 'destination of the year' by two popular Norwegian travel presenters – and it’s easy to see why!

In years gone by, Skjerjehamn was an important trading centre and a hub for shipping traffic in Western Norway. The place has been permanently inhabited since the 1500s, and a history of trading has been documented since 1641. 

Skjerjehamn continues to be a focal point in the region. The trading post is now clad in a new outfit of modern art, friendly service, local food and drink and a good atmosphere. The place is also known for the Utkant music festival held every summer.

The excursion from Bergen to Skjerjehamn takes you through the invigorating nature of Western Norway along the fjord coast.

Prices and departures


From Bergen

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From Bergen

From Strandkaiterminalen:  

Monday - Saturday:  08:00

Monday - Friday 16:30 



Sights on the trip

  • Alverstraumen

    Strong tidal whirlpools are created in this sound, making for a fascinating and beautiful sight. It would certainly have been more challenging for people travelling here in times gone by, but the sound has nevertheless experienced sea traffic since the time of the sagas by kings, the nobility, fishermen and war fleets.

    A man in a blue jacket taking a picture of a pink sunset from a ferry crusing on a fjord.
  • Kongestatuen

    A monument to King Olav V was created by sculptor Knut Steen. It was the artist himself who decided on the fantastic location of the statue of the King facing the ocean. From here, he proudly salutes all of the seafarers passing by. 

    A view of the prominent statue of King Olav V at Skjerjehamn in Gulen municipality

Practical information

More about the excursion, tips and advice

The excursion is by express boat from Bergen to Skjerjehamn. This allows you 50 minutes to explore the place by yourself before you take the boat back to Bergen.

Please note that the pier and debarkation area are unfortunately not suitable for wheelchair users.

This round trip does not run during the period 26-29 July when the Utkant festival is held.