Storm Watching Tour to Kalvåg in Bremanger

Departure points
9 Jan - 31 Mar
Departure points
3 days
Departure points
From 2630,- NOK per person
A calm sunset is unfolding in front of a couple who is storm watching on the coast of Western Norway. The yellow sun is barely peaking out underneath the thick grey clouds leaving a line yellow light on the greyish winter ocean. The couple is dressed in warm winter clothing to protect themselves from the winter elements. Snowcapped mountains surround the area they are standing in.David Zadig

What was once a busy centre for herring fishing with several thousand fishermen calling there is now a peaceful and idyllic fisherman’s village famous for its unbeatable seafood and an atmosphere that will make you want to return.

But that’s not to say the place is entirely drama free ... During the winter, storms roll in off the Norwegian Sea before making a racket as they hit land. This means Kalvåg is a place where you can truly enjoy the sensation of rosy cheeks and the wind in your hair. Or to put it another way, become acquainted with “real weather”, as they call it in these parts.

A hike along the cliffs with your own storm guide provides a good experience of weathering a storm. Feel the wind on your body and experience the seething sea and thundering waves, while keeping a safe distance from the impressive forces of nature.

Kalvåg is at its most romantic and special in winter, and the whole experience is topped off by fantastic local food and boathouse accommodation at Knutholmen that blends the historical with the contemporary.

Storm-watching trip with 1 night’s accommodation (NOK 2630,-)

Day 1: Travel like the locals on the commuter service that leaves Bergen in the morning. The express boat passes many attractive small villages on its way up the Atlantic coast, before arriving at Smørhamn. The local bus will take you on the last leg of the journey to Kalvåg, where a hot lunch awaits you in the pleasant restaurant at Knutholmen Hotel. After lunch, it’s time for your storm-watching trip. Your guide knows all the best places to experience the best of the stark landscape and the best vantage points to see the waves crashing dramatically ashore. Take a storm selfie and feel your hair blowing around as you listen to the guide’s stories. In the evening, enjoy an excellent dinner in the restaurant. Your package includes accommodation in a double room with sea views.

Day 2: Start the day with a short walk in the fresh air from your room to the restaurant, where breakfast is served. Then it’s time to head back to Bergen.

Storm-watching trip with 2 nights’ accommodation (NOK 3755,-)

Day 1: The trip is basically the same as the 1-night version described above. The difference is that you leave Bergen in the afternoon, arrive in the evening and can enjoy a hot meal in the restaurant at Knutholmen, plus an extra night’s accommodation in a double room.

Day 2: After breakfast, it’s time for your storm-watching excursion, after which you can explore Kalvåg or enjoy watching the elements from indoors. Dinner is served in the restaurant in the evening.

Day 3: Arrangements vary, depending on whether it’s Sunday or another day. On days other than Sunday, the express boat departs for Bergen immediately after breakfast at Knutholmen. On Sundays, there is free time to explore Kalvåg and the area until early afternoon, before returning to Bergen, arriving in the evening.

All tours include




Guided storm watching hike

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Sights on the trip

  • Kalvåg village

    The village of Kalvåg has a long traditions with fishing, and has lots to offer. In addition to its history you can explore a cosy village and the raw nature surrounding its coastal location. The changing winter lights casts a romantic spell on the area.

  • Stormwatching hike

    A storm watching hike will expose you to the raw elements of nature and take you to spectacular view points. The weather will determine where exactly the hike takes you. Dress warm and let the stormy weather give you rosy cheeks and Instagram photos that clearly shows that life is best outside.

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Practical information


There are WCs on board the express boats.


The wind strengths can be considerable and there is a LOT of weather! Bring waterproof and windproof clothing so you can enjoy your storm-watching trip to the full, while staying dry and tolerably warm.


The hotel is equipped with an amazing restaurant that will provide all the meals included in the package. It is also possible to purhcase snacks on the boats on your way to and from Kalvåg.

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