Mountain Hiking to Ørsdalen Historic Mines

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The Ørsdalen mines, situated in Ørsdalen (Bjerkreim), is a spectacular and unique place. The valley Ørsdalen is isolated and the only access is by boat across the Ørsdalen lake or by driving over the mountains. This was a difficult site for mining in itself, but what made it even more challenging was that the mines were placed on top of the 800 meters high mountains and in the mountain side, in addition to the valley floor. 
This hike will take you along the old paths used by miners carrying the ore from the mine - more than once it makes you think of the hard labor and dangerous work the miners were exposed to. 
Several mines can be visited, one at the valley floor with open access and more on the top of the mountain. This hike takes about 6 hours and includes great views and exciting history. In some parts the hike is challenging and we recommend visitors to wear proper equipment. 

PRICE: 590,- 

Tour includes:

-Professional guide

-Hot beverage and snack






Remnants from a mining era

Great views

Hike the old paths of the miners

Tour inside an abandoned mine






Meeting point at designated parking lot at in Ørsdalen, 4389 Vikeså (58°40'52.9"N 6°25'47.2"E).