Gursli Abandoned Mines

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Gursli historic mines, situated a few kilometers outside Moi, holds an interesting story about the mining activity in the area. The hike to the mines takes you along the old and winding miners road used for transport of the ore and is about 4 km back and forth. The hike starts at an altitude of about 160 meters above sea level, taking you over the mountain at 400 meters altitude and down to Gullvatnet and Gursli mines at 380 meters above sea level.


Mining of the ore molybdenite lasted only a short but intense period from 1915 to 1919, and traces from this era can be found many places. In addition to the mines, remnants of the crusher and houses are left for visitors to see today. The highlight of the route for most people is to visit the inside of Stoll 3, one of the many mines at Gursli. The guide will bring groups inside to show how mining was done a century ago.  


An additional route can be added to the Hattesteinane glacial erratics - two large rocks that had been moved by glaciers and by chance placed on top of each other during deposition on top of the mountain. An impressive sight illustrating the power of the glaciers that covered the area during the last Ice Age. 

PRICE: fra kr 390,-


Tour includes:

-Access to an abandoned mine

-Professional guide

-Hot beverage and snack





Remnants from a mining area

Great views

Tour inside an abandoned mine





Meeting point at designated parking lot along Fv1, 4460 Moi (58°25'02.5"N 6°32'14.8"E).