Hike to the Brufjell Caves

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Brufjell caves/potholes have become a recent famous attraction for good reasons. Not only is this site interesting scientificly, but also incredibly scenic. The hike towards Brufjellet takes you past an idyllic little pebble beach perfect for a rest in the sun and a swim, and on the top of the Brufjell you get amazing views of the open oceans and the local area. 


The Brufjell caves are actually horisontal potholes formed at a time when the sea level was higher relative to land. There are several small and larger caves on the platform and visiting them makes for some good exploring. 


Level of the paths to the Brufjell mountain can be chosen according to wishes, but down to the potholes itself the hike is challenging with some climbing included. The hike takes from 3-5 hours back and forth, time depending on the chosen path. 


If the weather is wet it is recommended to use climbing gear for the descent down to the potholes. This will be included in the price. 


This is the perfect trip for the adventurous!

PRICE: kr 790,-


Glacial landscape

The pebble beach Sandvika

A walk through a moon landscape

The Brufjell potholes


If the guide finds it necessary due to weather conditions, climbing gear will be used for the descend to the potholes. This will be included in the price.