Go Trolltunga

One-way bus ticket between Stavanger and Odda with scenic photo stops
Departure points
1 Jul - 31 Aug
Departure points
Stavanger / Odda Bus Station / Tyssedal
5 hours 45 minutes
Departure points
From kr 795,- per person
Person standing at Trolltunga overlooking the fjord and surrounding mountain landscape at sunset.

This is the excursion for you if you are looking for those ultimate “insta-moments” and enjoy the combination of adrenaline and nature. Go Fjords will comfortably transport you to the starting point of one of Norway's most famous mountain excursions. This one's in demand!

The Trolltunga rock formation is just as magical as it looks in the pictures as it protrudes over the lake of Ringedalsvatnet. Just as magical is the feeling of getting there after the demanding hike, which is definitely not for beginners...!

And just to say – it's anything other than a boring bus trip that takes you between Stavanger and Trolltunga. Highway 13 from Stavanger via Ryfylke and Hardanger to Bergen is known as the 'Discovery Route'. In the 1880s, tourists travelled here by horse and carriage to experience the spectacular scenery of Western Norway. Although transport is hugely more pleasant today, the landscape is just as impressive.


Sights on the trip

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  • Trolltunga

    Trolltunga (The Troll's Tongue) is one of the most spectactular scenic cliffs in Norway. Trolltunga is situated about 1100 meters above sea level, hovering 700 metres above Lake Ringedal in Skjeggedal.

    it is important to emphasise that you must be used to mountains, be in good shape and dress according to the weather and terrain when setting out on this hike.

  • Låtefossen waterfall

    The powerful 165-metre high waterfall is located just outside Odda. This waterfall is one of Norway's most popular nature-based tourist attractions. In the 1880s a hotel stood at the foot of the waterfall. This was at a time when British and German travellers visited the area by horse and cart. You can spot the remains of the foundations where the hotel once stood on the south side of the waterfall.

  • Erfjord Bridge

    Erfjord Bridge is a suspension bridge crossen the fjord along Discovery Route (also known as rv13). The photogenic bridge is 294 meters long, and is located 23 meters above the Erfjord. It is beautifully surrounded by mountains.

Practical information

There is no guide for this hike and it is undertaken at your own risk.

The hike is 27,5 km long, and you climb about 1,000 meters in altitude. This is not a trip for beginner hikers. It does require a good fitness level, and you should estimate between 10-12 hours to complete the totale hike to Trolltunga and back.

Safety is important

Always check the weather forecast before setting out on a hike. The weather can change quickly in the mountains, and extra clothing, food and drink is essential in case the trip takes longer than anticipated.

Remember to take the right equipment!

It's important that you wear good sensible clothing. A hike in the high mountains requires walking boots, warm clothes and wind and waterproof outer layers. Remember also to bring food and plenty to drink.


All the buses are equipped with toilets. Remember to bring food for the 5-hour journey as it will not be possible to purchase food or beverages along the way.

Please remember!

When traveling from Odda to Stavanger, bear in mind that you need to take all your belongings with you on to the ferry from Tau to the final stop, Stavanger. The bus is not going on the boat.

When traveling from Stavanger to Trolltunga, the bus will be waiting to pick you up as soon as you get of the ferry from Stavanger to Tau.

Accomodation and additional transportation

It is not recommended to start the Trolltunga hike in the evening. Spend the night in the area, and start out safely in the morning.

Tyssedal has a few hotels but no camp ground. We recommend to arrange transportation between Tyssedal and Skjeggedal (the starting point of the hike) as you still are about 6 kilometres from the Skjeggedal.

Odda is bigger and equipped with a variety of grocery stores, restaurants, hotels as well as a camp ground. When spending the night in Odda we recommend to arrange for transportation to Skjeggedal, as the distance between the two is 13 kilometres.

We wish you safe travels and happy hiking!

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