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1 Nov - 31 Mar

Go Storm Watching Solund

Package tour to Norway’s westernmost municipality
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From Bergen (2 days)

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From Bergen (3 days)

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Quoted prices apply to online bookings. An additional charge may apply on trips where purchasing on-site is available.

The quoted price is per person in a double room and includes the following:

- Express boat between Bergen and Karkhella (day 1 and 2)
- Bus between Krakhella and Hardbakke (day 1 and 2)
- A guided Storm Watching tour (day 1)
- Local Past Boat to hidden islands (day 2)
- 1x breakfast, and 1x dinner at Solund Hotel, 1x lunch at local café, 1x lunch package
- The quoted price includes VAT

- Express boat between Bergen and Karkhella (day 1 and 3)
- Bus between Krakhella and Hardbakke (day 1 and 3)
- A guided Storm Watching tour (day 3)
- Local Past Boat to hidden islands (day 3)
- 2x breakfast, and 2x dinner at Solund Hotel, 1x lunch at local café, 1x lunch package
- The quoted price includes VAT

Single room
Single rooms may be requested, and if available they may come with an additional cost that will be paid directly to Sollund Hotel

The booking may be cancelled up to 3 days before departure. After that it is final and non-refundable. Please, note that Go Fjords’ standard cancellation policy does not apply to this trip.


Just two hours from Bergen, at the outermost point of the Sognefjord, is the island paradise of Solund. Norway’s most westerly municipality boasts 1700 islands, unspoilt nature, diverse geology and – not least – an outstanding setting for storm watching. Here you’ll find islands sheltered from the wind and waves, as well as vantage points ready to provide a feast for the senses as the wind and weather play out their natural drama.

Arriving at Solund aparthotel is always a pleasure. You’ll find a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, comfortable rooms and great views.

Although the area’s name contains the Norwegian word for ‘sun’ – sol – there are usually more than 220 days of precipitation per year, although it’s not always heavy rain. And, ironically enough, this spot amidst the stormy weather and crashing waves is the perfect place to recharge the batteries. Watching waves endlessly crashing ashore is unbelievably de-stressing...

Want to visit Norway's tiny costal paradise yourself? Go Fjords can get you there. Check out a more detailed one or two days itinerary.

Sights on the trip

  • Storm watching hike in Solund

    Your local storm watching guide will be waiting for you in Solund, and will provide plenty of useful information about the area and safety when storm watching, before you set off at noon. The best viewpoint is dictated by the winds, and lunch is served at a local café-restaurant along the way.

  • Guided boat tour in the Island Paradise Solund

    It’s time for a guided boat tour and island hopping in a unique Norwegian coastal landscape on board the local post boat. The captain will provide information en route, and point out hidden gems as you pass through narrow sounds, past idyllic settlements and old fishing villages. Local lunch is eaten on board or on one of the islands.

  • Geologiområdet Solund

    For anyone interested in rocks and geology, there is nowhere to match Solund. The island kingdom comprises stratified rocks from the Devonian (part of the Palaeozoic era), with the rare conglomerate in particular being of immense geological value. Those who aren’t so interested in geology may still enjoy looking out over the bare rocks to which hardy plants cling, or pondering on being in a municipality surrounded by water. When we say “island kingdom”, we mean “island kingdom”!

  • Solund Apartmenthotel

    Included in your tour is lodging in a double room at the beautiful Solund Apartmenthotel.