1 Dec - 31 Mar

Go Dog Sledding under Northern Lights

2-day tour from Tromsø with stay at Sommarøy Arctic Hotel
From NOK5090
Departure points
2 days


From Tromsø (2 days)

Adult (16+NOK 5090

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- Bus from Tromsø to Sommarøy Arctic Hotel and return

Accommodation: Sommarøy Arctic Hotel
- 1x overnight stay
- 1x breakfast, 1x “Matpakke” lunchbox for activity

Activity: Dog Sledding & Northern Lights
- Certified guide
- Transfer to and from the pickup point
- Arctic suit and boots, winter hat and gloves
- Dog sledding & Northern Lights tour
- Bonfire, warm drinks and snack


Go on an adventure to one of Europe's most northerly regions on this 2-day tour from Tromsø to Sommarøy north of the Arctic Circle.

Love nature and adventure? This trip is sure to please. Get ready to hunt the Northern Lights and dog sled your way through the Arctic wilderness of lovely Sommerøy Island, then tuck yourself away in a cosy hotel for the night.

Your first day was a guided adventure, but come Day 2, you are free to head out on your own to explore Sommerøy Island - also known as the "Arctic Caribbean” thanks to its white beaches and turquoise waters. Experience how Northern Norway truly comes to life in the wintertime and, by the end, you'll wonder how it's stayed off your radar for so long.

Your friends might say you’re crazy but they’re actually already jealous!

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