1 Dec - 31 Mar

Go Kayaking at Sommarøy

2-day-tour from Tromsø, with Northern Lights exploring and kayaking
From NOK5090
Departure points
2 days


From Tromsø (2 days)

Adult (16+NOK 5090
Child (4-15NOK 3690

Quoted prices apply to online bookings. An additional charge may apply on trips where purchasing on-site is available.

- Bus from Tromsø to Sommarøy Arctic Hotel and return

Accommodation: Sommarøy Arctic Hotel
- 1x overnight stay
- 1x breakfast, 1x lunch buffet, 1x 3-course dinner

Activity: Evening Northern Lights tour
- Certified guide
- Transfer to and from the pickup point (aprox. 30-45 min. each way)
- Warm drinks, and snacks
- Arctic suit and boots, winter hat and gloves
Activity: Winter kayaking tour
- Certified guide
- Transfer to and from the pick up point (aprox. 30-45 min. each way)
- Kayak, singles or double, paddles, drysuit, gloves, boots
- Winter hat and gloves for onshore breaks.
- Drybag for spare clothing.
- Warm drinks, and snacks.
- Photos from tour


Escape the city and head for the winter paradise of Sommarøy Island for two days. Discover how spectacular the Northern Lights can be while savoring a hot drink and relaxing by a fire. Enjoy an exciting day spent kayaking amid hidden gems of stunningly scenic Sommarøy

DAY 1: Watch the Northern Lights by campfire

The area around Sommarøy is an excellent spot to search for the Northern Lights. Quiet beaches free from light pollution. The sound of ocean waves crashing ashore is your only soundtrack. You’re assured a fabulous evening if the skies are clear and the Aurora shows itself in all its glory.

Maximize your chances of seeing the world's most spectacular light show. Your expert guide will take you out to a secluded spot and get a fire going to keep you warm while waiting for the "green lady" to appear, hopefully in all her colors and shapes. As you wait, roast sausages and marshmallows over the crackling flames and enjoy a cup of hot coffee or chocolate

Your guide will tell you all about this magnificent natural phenomenon, as well as interesting facts and legends from this beautiful region. You will also learn about the local coastal community and provincial history.

If you’re not so lucky with Aurora-spotting, just spending an evening by the fire in the Arctic winter is an adventure in itself.

Day 2: Winter kayaking

Previous experience is not required to join this guided paddle tour. Before departure, you will be briefed in detail on kayak paddling techniques and safety measures. On winter tours, we paddle sturdy double kayaks. You may also paddle singles on request if you can document sufficient kayaking skills. The guide will pick the best location according to weather and sea conditions to make sure you have a safe trip.

The late fall and winter months are some of the best seasons to kayak. The water is crystal clear, the air is crisp and clean, and the early afternoon sunsets are beyond beautiful.

Once you are set out paddling at a relaxed pace, you can take your time to breathe in the unforgettable winter landscape, including hidden white-sand beaches. Often a seal or two will curiously show up by our side and follow us for a while. If lucky, you might find yourself amid one of the pods of killer whales that sometimes pass through local waters.

Once we have taken in all the Arctic kayaking hotspots, we'll paddle back to the starting point to end this adventurous, fun-filled day.

Sights on the trip

  • Local food

    On Sommeroy, you’ll enjoy a 3-course meal over spectacular sea views. Tuck into delicious local dishes incorporating ingredients from the Arctic region.