Robin Strand
1 Jul - 27 Dec

Go Mostraumen Fjord Cruise

3-hour boat cruise through Mostraumen and Osterfjord
From NOK680
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Departure points
3 hours


From Zachariasbryggen, Bergen

Adult (16+NOK 680
Child (4-15NOK 370

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Go on a 3-hour round trip from Bergen on a fjord cruise along the narrow Osterfjord to the rugged Mostraumen. Several waterfalls cascade from the steep mountain sides along the 27 km (16 mi) long Osterfjord towards Modalen. With 380 inhabitants, it is interesting to note that Modalen is Norway’s smallest municipality.

The boat will stop and bring the bow up close to one of the waterfalls. Watch out, otherwise you will get a refreshing shower!

The modern catamaran navigates safely through the powerful currents of Mostraumen. We strongly recommend standing in the bow to get a proper sense of how narrow and shallow the passage is.

We offer family tickets for 2 adults + up to 4 children.

Sights on the trip

  • Osterfjord

    The Osterfjord is one of three fjords surrounding the island of Osterøy, the second largest inland island in Northern Europe. The width of the fjord varies between 1 to 3 kilometers wide. The deepest point of the fjord is located outside Bernestangen, where it is 645 meters deep.

  • Mostraumen

    Until 1743 the people from Modal had to wait for a flood in Mostraumen before they could draw their boats up the river current. That year the flood opened free passage and Mo gained a new tidal waterway. Mostraumen is famous for its narrow character and strong currents. At its strongest the current can At its strongest the current can be as high as 7 knots.

  • Modalen

    Surrounded by beautiful nature, Modalen is referred to as a hidden pearl. With a population of close to 390 people, it is Norway's second smallest municipality. Over the past few decades, Modalen has become known for it’s hydropower and is often called the electricity valley.