17 Feb - 30 Apr

Go Lofoten Winter Kayak Safari

Kayak through the crystal clear waters of Svolvær in the midst of winter
From NOK995
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Departure points
2 hours 15 minutes


From Svolvær

Adult (16+NOK 995

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Winter kayaking is a wonderful way to explore Lofoten's unique nature. The clear water visibility and the crisp salty air puts you in direct contact with the raw elements of a winter coated Svolvær.  Everything in Svolvær is connected to the ocean.

With a kayak, you sit directly on the surface of the ocean, in perfect height to behold the iconic fisherman's cabins, the wooden racks used to dry stockfish and the tall mountain peaks. In essence, you have access to everything that makes Lofoten unique. The trip is performed using double seated wide bodied kayaks which provide good stability for both beginners and more experienced paddlers. The trip starts from Svolvær harbor, and follows a 2-hour-long route through calm waters.

Join us for a unique winter experience!