24 Jun - 16 Aug

Go Flam by boat

Round-trip tour between Bergen and Flam
From NOK1400
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Departure points
12 hours 30 minutes


From Bergen

Adult (16+NOK 1400

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If you are travelling with dogs or bikes, you may need to purchase additional tickets once you are on board the cruise.


Take the most majestic route when you travel from Bergen to Flåm. Cruise along Norway’s longest and deepest fjord for breathtaking views of Sognefjord and the stunning mountainous landscape cascading on either side.

Making 11 stops in total, there are some beautiful quaint villages lining the shores of Sognefjord.

The captivating scenery from Sognefjord is so magnificent and ever-changing, it is almost impossible to look away. As you cruise along the tranquil waters you will pass rocky shores, gushing waterfalls and jaw-dropping mountains. These views are truly spectacular. While it will be tempting to take out your camera, no photograph will ever compare to the awe-inspired feeling of being in the heart of Norway’s grandest fjord, so sit back, relax and watch the beautiful landscape unfold around you.


Sights on the trip

  • Bergen

    Whether you choose to begin or end your tour in Bergen, you should definitely spend at least a couple of days here. As Norway’s second largest city and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Bergen has plenty to offer. Known as the gateway to the fjords on the southwestern coast of Norway, Bergen is surrounded by fjords, mountains and Norway's traditional colorful wooden buildings.