1 Apr - 30 Sep

Go Sognefjord & Vik

Canceled for 2020! Fjord cruise, guided village tour, waterfalls and a meal
From NOK1950
Departure points
11 hours


From Bergen

Adult (16+NOK 1950
Child (0-3NOK 0
Child (4-15NOK 1250

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This full day trip combines the Best of Fjord Norway - all in a single day!

A relaxing fjord cruise, stunning waterfalls, rural village and historical sights are some of the components included.

Among others you will get a guided walk through the charming village of Vik, located on the southern mouth of the Sognefjord, sample traditional cheese (Gamalost) and visit one of the few remaining Norwegian Stave Churches.

The tour follows a circular route meaning you will get to rest your eyes on both tall beautiful mountain plateaus and kick back on a relaxing fjord cruise. While on the bus we will make a couple of scenic photo stops at Vikafjellet as well as Storesvingen providing a panoramic view of the fjord landscape surrounding Vik.

Lunch is included. While in Vik you will be served a cold Norwegian lunch buffet at a local hotel mainly consisting of bread, spreadings, tea and coffee.

Choose between two ways of taking the tour. The content is the same in both. It’s just the order that is different. One option starts with bus and ends with a fjord cruise. The other one starts with boat and ends with bus. Take your pick!

Cheesy fact: Gamalost from Vik has earned the EU labeled Protected Designated Origin label in recognition of its role in Norway’s traditional food heritage. In 2018 it also earned a bronze medal in the World Cheese Awards.


Sights on the trip

  • Tvindefossen Waterfall

    With a 152-meter-drop Tvindefossen waterfall is a truly magnificent sight. There are plenty of angles to photograph the many-stranded streams from as it tumbles gracefully down the mountainside. The waterfall is featured on TripAdvisor’s ‘must-see’ list for the area.

  • Hopperstad Stave Church

    Hopperstad Stave Church was built around 1130 and is one of the oldest stave churches in Norway. The richly decorated facade is known as Viking handcraft. During the Middle Ages Stave Churches were present all over the country.

  • Gamalost at TINE Meiriet Vik Cheese Bar

    Gamalost is a traditional Norwegian cheese said to have roots all the way back to the Viking Age. The cheese, that is based on fermented skimmed milk, is known to be low in fat and salt. Vik holds claim to the last remaining factory in Norway producing the cheese the old fashioned way. Prepare your tastebuds for a sample or two.

  • Vik

    The charming fjord village (population: 2,800)  is rich in culture and traditions. Besides being home to 3 historical churches, Vik is known for its many berry farms. In fact Vik has been known to produce the most raspberries in Norway. The history of the shore dweller site is also an important part of Vik’s identity.