1 Jun - 15 Sep

Go Sognefjord & Jostedalsbreen

Canceled for 2020! Boat tour, museum entrance and glacier excursion
From NOK1980
Departure points
12 hours 45 minutes


From Bergen

Adult (16+NOK 1980
Child (0-3NOK 0
Child (4-15NOK 1040

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Explore Sognefjord, Norway’s longest and deepest fjord and be inspired by majestic glaciers! As you depart from Bergen by boat, take some time to appreciate the unbelievable beauty of the serene fjord and the landscape surrounding it. On this tour, you’ll get to experience the sights and attractions surrounding Sognefjord.

The first stop is Balestrand, where you will swap to the express boat. Balestrand is a beautiful travel destination. Its breathtaking nature inspires artists from all over the world. Make sure you capture the stunning architecture of the buildings as you approach the shore.

The fjord cruise continues to the village of Fjærland where a bus will be waiting to transport you to The Norwegian Glacier Museum and visitor centre. The museum is located in Jostedalsbreen National Park and uncovers Norway’s natural and cultural history. After you’ve visited here, you’ll want to experience a glacier up close, which takes us to the next stop on the Sognefjord tour!

The bus will take you to a small cafe called Brevasshytta Cabin, which has amazing views of Bøyabreen glacier. Here, you can enjoy a bite to eat and admire the awe-inspiring views before heading back to Fjærland by bus.

Once at Fjærland, it’s time to swap the bus for a boat and begin the return journey back to Bergen.


Sights on the trip

  • Balestrand

    Nestled at the foot of an impressive mountain range, the idyllic village of Balestrand is surrounded by inspiring nature and magnificent scenery. Balestrand has appealed to tourists, painters and creatives for over a hundred years. As you approach the shore you can see brightly painted houses and the impressive structure of Kviknes Hotel.

  • Fjærland

    Fjærland is where fjord and glacier come together. With around 300 inhabitants it is part of the Sogndal municipality. From picturesque Fjærland you can easily explore The Norwegian Glacier Museum and Boyabreen Glacier. Fun fact: Fjærland is crowned the book town of Norway and is home to so many books that if you lined them all up they would take up 4 kilometres of shelf space.

  • Jostedalsbreen glacier

    On the tour, you’ll get to see the beautiful Bøyabreen with its shades of blue and white up close . As it is easily accessible from Fjærland it is a popular location for glacier hikes. Bøyabreen is a glacier arm of Jostedalsbreen, the largest glaicer in mainland Europe located in Western Norway.