Go Skjerjehamn

Boat tour, fresh coffee and waffle
Departure points
1 Apr - 30 Sep
Departure points
4 hours 15 minutes
Departure points
From kr 690,- per person
A man playing with two children by the water. In the background you see houses and boat mirrored in the water.

Join us on a half-day trip from Bergen. This popular fjord tour sails through mystical whirlpools to Skjerjehamn.

This historical island gem is located on an islet of the far tip of the island of Sandøy in the municipality of Gulen. Skjerjehamn is a beautiful little island and is situated just off the gate to the Sognefjord- the king of the fjords! It is frequently hailed as the destination of the year and it's no wonder so many people take the boat tour from Bergen.

The excursion departs from Bergen Strandkaiterminalen. From here you can relax and enjoy the incredible views from the catamaran. The boat has plenty of comfortable chairs in the second deck lounge. If you’re wanting to try out your photography skills, head to the open top deck and feel the wind through your hair. Feeling a little peckish? Satisfy your hunger and visit the boat’s kiosk which sells a range of hot and cold drinks and snacks.

Once the boat arrives on the shores of Skjerjehamn, it’s time to explore. It’s a small island with a great atmosphere. Once an important trading centre and hub for shipping traffic in Western Norway, the tiny island is steeped in history. Today, Skjerjehamn is a popular relaxation spot for those who love art, culture and good food. It also hosts the colourful Utkant music festival which is held every summer. When you’re exploring make sure you take a moment to take in the stunning scenery. Don’t forget to visit the local grocery store. It’s here that you can claim your delicious warm waffle and coffee!


Sights on the trip

  • Alverstraumen

    The express boat journeys through a sound through two narrow bodies of land. As the boat glides across the narrowing waters it passes the village of Alverstraumen. It’s at this point that you’ll behold the magical tidal whirlpools, a fascinating and beautiful sight.

  • Statue of King Olav V

    In the early 2000s, a Norwegian sculptor (Knut Steen) was given the task of creating a statue of the former king of Norway, King Olav V. King Olav was a highly respected monarch, fondly referred to as ‘folkekonge’ or ‘the king of all the people.’ Now, it stands proud on the highest point of Skjerjehamn and salutes the seafarers passing by.

  • Blue Garden

    A permanent outdoor exhibition on aquaculture that opened at Skjerjehamn in June 2018. Through analogue nature installations, you can learn about modern salmon production in Norway and its importance for the entire world in the future.

Practical information

Facilities on the boat

· Toilets are available on board

· A kiosk selling drinks and snacks

Facilities at Skjerjehamn

· Toilets are available at Skjerjehamn Hotel

· The restaurant at Skjerjehamn Hotel

· Convenience store serving waffles & coffee

What to wear

The weather in Norway can be very unpredictable! That’s why it is always best to bring a waterproof jacket and some additional layers with you. We are sometimes blessed with sunshine in the summer months, so if you’re forecast good weather bring your sunscreen. It’s easy to get sunburn when you’re relaxing on the top deck of the boat.

Where to eat

As this is trip is 4 hours long, you don’t really need to worry about bringing enough food. The kiosk on the boat serves cold and hot drinks and snacks. The price of your ticket also includes a coffee and a waffle at Skjerjehamn. Looking for something more substantial? You can always check out the Skjerjehamn Hotel, which has a restaurant and a bar.

Additional Information

Skjerjehamn is a remote coastal village and is the perfect get away from the busy city. Unfortunately, the pier at Skjerjehamn is not wheelchair accessible and for this, we apologise. However, there are other boat trips from Bergen to experience, such as our boat trip to Flam! Please note that this round trip does not run during the period 26-29 July when the Utkant festival is held.

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