Preikestolen Høsttur

Fra NOK 1090
Fra NOK 1090

On an annual basis, Preikestolen welcomes more visitors than any other trekking-destination in Norway. In 2016, approximately 285,000 hikers made their way up to the top of the imposing cliff that hangs 604 meters above the Lysefjord.


Join Outdoorlife Norway on an autumn hike to Preikestolen, and witness the magic of the season’s shifting colors and post-equinox daylight. Experience Norway’s crisp and cool mountain air while hiking on trails that were recently upgraded by Nepalese Sherpas, who ‘paved’ the way using local stones. Conclude your adventure with a visit to the ‘Swords in Rock’ viking monument.


By October, visitor numbers have become dramatically lower than they are during the summer.  The area’s flora and fauna prepare for the long, dark winter, and stillness has set in across Norway’s vast wilderness. Autumn is the perfect time of year to experience the Lysefjord and Preikestolen from a unique perspective. The shadows become longer with every day that passes, and the ambient light seems to dance across the fjord’s mountainsides. Snow, when present, offers a splendid contrast to the flame-colored foliage.


MODERATE DIFFICULTY - Suitable for people of most ages – excluding children younger than 8 yrs. – who are in general good condition, and have previous hiking experience.


Included in this tour:

  • Pick-up and transportation to/from the start of the trail
  • Professional guide with navigation, safety, and emergency equipment
  • All necessary equipment (spikes, poles, etc.)
  • Hot beverages and a snack during the hike
  • Swords in Rock monument visit (if drop-off location is in Stavanger)


7:30am - 7:55am

Pick-up in Stavanger (depends on pick-up location)

9:30am Start of hike
12:00 (12:00pm)* Arrive at Preikestolen cliffside
14:30 (2:30pm)* End of hike
16:00 (4:00pm)*

‘Swords in Rock’ Viking Monument Visit

17:30 (5:30pm)* Return to Stavanger