Image rights terms and conditions

Approved content terms and conditions

When accepting rights requests you are allowing Go Fjords to use your content in future marketing campaigns.

Rights will be requested by Go Fjords via commenting on your Instagram, Twitter or other online channels, and require a response from you to approve use of your content. To agree to Go Fjords reusing your content simply reply using the hashtag #yesgofjords.

Upon approval, you are giving Go Fjords the rights to publish the media in all marketing channels without collecting further approval. The channels include, but are not limited to, online and offline marketing campaigns, website or social media channels.

Go Fjords will strive to credit the photographer when possible through text or a tag, but please, note that this will not always be poossible, and the decission is up to Go Fjords.

The original ownership of the image continues to be in the hands of the photographer unless otherwise agreed upon.

If you have any questions or comments connected to image rights or the processing of content, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]