girls on guided moose safari in Finnskogen

The Forest and Fauna Tour: Discover Norway’s Moose and Forests

Explore the thrilling world of moose - including visit to the Norwegian Forest Museum

Embark on a captivating tour that combines the beauty of a train journey with the excitement of a wilderness adventure.

Start your day with a scenic morning train ride from Oslo to Hamar, where you’ll witness the changing landscapes of Norway—from bustling urban vistas to serene rural settings that frame the train’s route. This soothing journey sets the tone for a day of exploration and discovery.

Upon arrival in Hamar, you will continue with a drive through charming countryside to Elverum, home to the Norwegian Forest Museum. Spend the mid-day hours exploring the museum’s rich exhibitions, which showcase Norway’s extensive forestry practices, wildlife ecology, and the traditional uses of forest resources. Interactive displays and insightful presentations provide a deep understanding of the country’s commitment to sustainability and nature conservation.

After your educational visit at the museum, the adventure continues with a moose safari in the verdant expanses of Finnskogen. Choose your preferred style of exploration: on foot or by car. If you choose to go by foot, prepare for an intimate encounter with nature. Trek through dense forests and quiet clearings under the guidance of experienced trackers who will help you spot moose and other wildlife in their natural habitat. The guide has a skilled Norwegian Elkhound and follows the signals of the dog along the way. The hike offers a true sense of the forest’s tranquility and the thrill of close-up wildlife sightings.

Alternatively, the car safari offers a comfortable and broader exploration of the area. From the warmth and comfort of a well-equipped vehicle, access remote areas where moose sightings are frequent. This option is ideal for those who prefer to cover more ground or enjoy the forest scenery without the exertion of a hike. Both safari options allow ample opportunities to observe the majestic moose, particularly during the spring and autumn when their impressive antlers are fully displayed. Both options also include a break to gather around a campfire, where you can enjoy coffee or cold beverages, and cured-meat snacks. 

After an exhilarating day of wildlife tracking and nature immersion, you’ll return to Oslo via the same scenic route, with memories of moose and the forest fresh in your mind. Arriving back in the city late in the evening, you’ll have experienced the perfect blend of cultural education and nature exploration, all within the comfort of a well-organized day trip from Oslo.

This package tour is an ideal choice for those looking to combine a peaceful train journey with an adventurous exploration of one of Norway’s most beautiful natural settings. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Norway’s forested wonders, where learning and adventure go hand in hand.


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