Electric bus from Tide parked at Norwegian Nature Centre

Vøringsfossen Sightseeing Tour

An audio guided tour by electric bus from Eidfjord through Måbødalen valley to Vøringsfossen waterfall

On this electric bus tour you get to experience 2 of the star attractions located in the Hardanger region; Norwegian Nature Center – Hardanger and Vøringsfossen waterfall.

Our journey begins at the Eidfjord quay where you will be taken on a scenic drive to the Norwegian Nature Center – Hardanger, showcasing the incredible beauty and uniqueness of Norwegian nature, climate and environment through interactive exhibitions. And in the cinema hall showing a new panoramic film, you can join a spectacular journey through fjords and mountain landscapes and mighty waterfalls.

Next, our winding and steep drive through Måbødalen valley will lead you to the final destination of the tour, the majestic Vøringsfossen waterfall. With a stunning drop of 182 meters (597 ft), the sheer magnificence of this natural wonder is a memorable experience you should not miss.

The cascading water creates a thunderous roar that echoes throughout the valley. As you stand on the edge, taking in the view, you can feel the power of the falls reverberating through your body. The dramatic landscape of Måbødalen and the pristine Norwegian wilderness that surrounds Vøringsfossen only add to the breathtaking experience. A visit to this natural wonder is a must for anyone seeking to connect with the raw power and magnificence of nature.

Our audio-guided tour from Eidfjord to Vøringsfossen provides you with interesting facts and stories about the places along the route, shared via the sound system on the bus. As the tour comes to an end, the bus will return you to Eidfjord, leaving you with memories of an unforgettable journey.


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