Rib boat on sightseeing on the Sognefjord

RIB Sightseeing in Balestrand

A fun boat trip with stops at several major attractions in the area

Travel deep into the Esefjord, a fjord arm on the Sognefjord, and see the Kvinnafossen waterfall, a statue of the Viking hero Fritjof of Balestrand, a medieval church, dragon-style villas and much more.

This rib boat ride takes you inside the popular Esefjord where the memorable and unique scenery looks like an oil painting when the light hits the mountains and water just right.

The boat will take you to the bottom of Kvinnafossen waterfall, which descends 120 m (393 ft) from its mountain source. Visit in the springtime and you’ll witness a thundering water mass.

Come in the winter and observe a sleeping beauty.

The trip rounds the island of Kvamsøy, with its stone medieval church, which is the oldest building in the village.

You’ll also travel past interesting landmarks like the elaborate dragon-style villas in Balestrand and a farm worked by a family who has been there for 9 generations.


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