White water rafting at Dagali in Norway

Extreme River Rafting at Dagali

The most extreme rafting adventure in Europe

If you’re an experienced Class 5 rafter, you will love traveling down the world-class rapids at Dagali Fjellpark! This can be the most extreme rafting in Europe and contains many technical sections.

Are you ready for full-on, extreme whitewater rafting in the heart of the Norwegian wilderness?

You can expect to go underwater on this rafting tour, and you’ll receive training in advance, as well as high-quality equipment to keep you safe and warm.

Surf on waves when you hit The Angel’s Pathway Rapid, shoot the Ismarfoss Rapid, a huge cascade, and prepare to take on Coctail Rapid, a natural slide with six back-to-back waves.

Your biggest test awaits at the Surprise Surprise and Five Holes Rapids. These rapids are large and powerful, but with a little advance training you’ll be just fine!


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